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ALS conducts Values Formation for its learners

It is our hope that every one of our learners will develop a passion for learning that will last a lifetime. We are dedicated to helping each child reach his or her full potential by addressing their social, emotional, and academic needs. We believe that creating a formation of values is an important job. This helps people keep track of all the various objectives and activities to be done. Careful planning, wise objective picking, and clean execution are measurements of good values formation. So, the ALS Program of the Division of San Juan conducted Vales Formation Seminar for Alternative Learning System Learners last March 19, 2022 at 8:00 am – 5:00 pm through Google Meet. The concluded event was actively participated not only by the learners but also by the teachers and other Key Officials of the Division.

The formation was spearheaded by one of the ALS Mobile Teachers, Mrs. Hergielyn G. Cerrodo. She ensured the smooth flow all throughout the meeting and introduced various important speakers that day. After the invocation of the nationalistic song and prayer through an audiovisual presentation, the house rules were then established by Mr. Arniel Lago, ALS Implementer. After this, a roll call was done, managed by Mrs. Michelle Faye V. Salamera. She gave an introduction among the participants. To give the students and administrators a little salutation and greetings, a Welcoming Address and an insightful Inspirational Speech was given by the Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Cecille Carandang, a true role model in the field.

Moving on with the main agenda for that day, the Values Formation was hosted by Mrs. Alma V. Rocreo. The Values Formation informed the students and administrators how important it is to have a goal, and execute it in such a way that it is convenient, full of knowledge, and, intuitive for all. The learners were expected to submit activities related to the session activity. The activities were fun, enjoyable and relatable. The activity was followed by the awarding of certificates by Mr. Erwin dela Cruz.

With the help of the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Buenafe Sabado, the program was closed. She expressed her gratitude to the learners, teachers and speaker. Lastly, the values formation closed through a holy prayer led by Mr. Eduardo Tungul III. The meeting was indeed a success. The flow of the program was steady, smooth, and interesting for all attendees. The speaker was commendable and praiseworthy. She gave words very informatively and enough to capture the audience's attention. Through this activity, it will continue to inspire learners to practice good moral values in life.

The following are screenshots taken from the activity:

Article Written by:

Mrs. Michelle Faye V. Salamera

ALS Mobile Teacher II


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