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Why I love To Be A School Property Custodian

A School Property Custodian has the responsibility and the authority for the physical safekeeping of property in public schools. He or she is accountable for the accounts, lists, and inventories of school equipment, materials, and supplies being used by the students, teachers, staff, and other members of the school community. Since a property custodian is still a teacher, he or she must have the appropriate academic load in accordance with the DepEd guidelines.

Moreover, a school property custodian has the duty of accepting and distributing supplies and preparing inventories and reports as well. It comes with a lot of responsibilities and duties. Being essentially accountable for all the properties, supplies, and equipment of the school can be very challenging yet enjoyable. Based on my personal experiences, I could get a sense of accomplishment after completing the needed report and knowing fully well that all my responsibilities are properly accounted for.

Under the DepEd guidelines, teachers with assigned teaching duties may be designated as property custodians if all teachers have been met in the class loads. For almost 10 years of my teaching career, I have been performing the duties and responsibilities of a school property custodian. And I have learned to love it as I earn the trust and confidence of my superiors and colleagues. A sense of satisfaction is imminent because of the discipline that comes with my job performance.

Property custodians may always be regarded as the busiest teachers yet in my humble opinion, this position is also a testament of people’s trust in me alongside my sworn mandate as an educator.

Article Written by:

Salapan Elementary School - Teacher 1


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