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WCES Supreme Elementary Learner Government Elects New Leadersfor the School Year 2023-2024

On June 9, 2023, West Crame Elementary School (WCES) held its highly anticipated Supreme Elementary Learner Government (SELG) elections utilizing laptops and the internet, marking a significant moment in the democratic process of the school community. Learners from Grade 2 to Grade 5 eagerly exercised their right to vote, showcasing their growing understanding of civic engagement and choosing their representatives for School Year 2023 - 2024. Monitored by the dedicated SELG Division Coordinator, Mr. Edward Banay, and under the guidance of School Principal Ms. Ma. Hernanda R. Santos and SELG Coordinator Ms. Girlie Alelojo, this groundbreaking initiative embraced the use of laptops and the internet to provide an accessible and engaging platform for young voters.

The shift to a digital voting system allowed learners to exercise their democratic rights conveniently and securely. Using laptops and the internet, every learner had the opportunity to cast their vote, ensuring a high level of participation and representation in the SELG elections.

The SELG elections provided an opportunity for young learners to voice their opinions and actively contribute to their school's decision-making processes. The campaign period, spanning three days, was filled with enthusiasm, energy, and creative efforts from the four competing party lists: Cleanliness and Peaceful (CAP) Party-list, HAPPINESS Party-list, Graceful, Respectful, Appreciative, Courteous and Elegant (GRACE) Party-list, and Helping Others by Putting Effort (HOPE) Party-list.

The student body joyfully cast their votes on June 9, 2023, armed with laptops and guided by the principles advocated by the party lists, eagerly cast their votes. The online voting process ensured a seamless and secure experience for each participant. This digital approach not only encouraged learner engagement but also allowed for efficient vote counting and ensured a fair and transparent election.

After the votes were tallied, the results were announced, revealing the winners of the SELG elections for the Academic Year 2023-2024.

President: Shiela Marie E. De Guzman

Vice-President: Princess Erica S. Lasam

Secretary: Xian James S. Taopa

Treasurer: Kevin Dwayne De Vera

Auditor: Princess Jasmine I. Sevilla

PIO: Sofia Ely Venice T. Soliman

PO: Gail Jandrice F. Bucu

Grade Level Representatives:

Grade 3: Kezziah Faye S. Laforga

Grade 4: Hannah Samantha S. Politado

Grade 5: Andrea Mae Evangelista

Grade 6: Luna Sophia Reyes

They will now assume the responsibility of leading the Supreme Elementary Learner Government and representing the student body's interests.

Mr. Edward Banay, who diligently monitored the elections, expressed his satisfaction with the learners' enthusiasm and engagement throughout the process. The School Principal, Ma. Hernanda R. Santos commended them for their active participation and expressed her confidence in the elected representatives and Ms. Girlie Alelojo, the SELG Coordinator, applauded the learners for their involvement and highlighted the significance of the SELG elections.

The Supreme Elementary Learner Government election at WCES not only encouraged active student participation but also fostered a sense of responsibility and civic awareness among young learners. As the winners of this election take on their new roles, the entire school community can anticipate a year of growth, collaboration, and the realization of shared aspirations.

Article Written by:

Raymond B. Delos Santos

Teacher III - West Cramen Elementary School


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