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West Crame Elementary School (WCES) participated in the 2nd Quarter Nationwide Simultaneous Earthquake Drill (NSED) as stipulated in the memorandum released by the Department of National Defense last June 8, 2023, at 8:00 AM. This proved to be a valuable and successful exercise in promoting the safety and preparedness of pupils and teachers. The active participation and commitment of the School Principal, Ms. Ma. Hernanda R. Santos, DRRM Division Coordinator, Mr. Harry Bajo, SDRR Coordinator, pupils, teachers, and Barangay Councils, contributed to the overall effectiveness of the drill. It is crucial to continue organizing such drills and implementing the recommendations to ensure a safe and resilient school environment in the face of potential earthquakes or other disasters.

The purpose of the drill was to enhance the preparedness and response capabilities of the school community in the event of an earthquake. This narrative report provides a detailed account of the drill, including its objectives, participants, activities, and outcomes.


Preparatory Phase: Prior to the drill, the DRRM Division Coordinator, in coordination with the school administration, conducted orientation sessions to familiarize the participants with the earthquake drill protocols and safety procedures. The teachers also integrated earthquake preparedness lessons into their curriculum to educate the students.

Briefing and Set-Up: On the day of the drill, the School Principal, and SDRR Coordinator gathered all participants in the school's designated assembly area. They provided a comprehensive briefing and explained the purpose and objectives of the drill, as well as the specific actions to be taken during the simulation.

Drill Execution: At the designated signal, the participants enacted the earthquake scenario. The pupils and teachers promptly executed the "Drop, Cover, and Hold On" technique, taking shelter under sturdy desks or tables. The School Principal and DRRM Division Coordinator closely monitored the drill, ensuring that everyone followed the prescribed safety measures.

Evacuation Process: After the shaking simulation, an evacuation procedure was initiated. The participants, guided by the SDRR Coordinator and Barangay Council members, moved in an orderly manner toward the designated evacuation areas outside the school premises. Roll call was conducted to ensure the accountability of all pupils and staff members.

Post-Drill Evaluation and Reflection: Following the completion of the evacuation process, a debriefing session was held. The School Principal, DRRM Division Coordinator, and SDRR Coordinator led a discussion to evaluate the effectiveness of the drill, identified areas for improvement, and addressed any concerns or questions raised by the participants.

Overall, the School Earthquake Drill was a significant step towards creating a safer and more resilient school environment, and it served as a reminder of the importance of being prepared for potential emergencies.

Highlights of 2nd NSED in West Crame Elementary School.

Particpants: 28 Teaching and Non-Teaching Personnel

475 Kindergarten to Grade 6 Pupils

5 Barangay Representatives

1 DRRM Division Coordinator

10 GPTA Officers

Article Written by:

Raymond B. Delos Santos

Teacher III - West Cramen Elementary School

SDRR Coordinator


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