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Vote Buying and Voting Wisely

“There’s no such thing as a vote that doesn’t matter.”- Barrack Obama

Vote buying is an action done by a candidate who is running for any government position. The process of vote buying is quite simple. Candidates must pick a recipient. A recipient is the one that accepts money from the candidate. The candidate and the recipient must agree with an arrangement: from there the candidate gives money to the recipient but the catch is you must vote for them.

There are many cases of vote buying in our dear nation, Philippines. Vote buying is the effect of being poor. Many people are willing to be the recipients of the candidates. The main cause of vote buying is because they have a family to provide for especially at this time of the COVID-19 pandemic in society where finding jobs is not that easy. Even at our lowest, we must not participate in any kind of vote buying because by doing so, we are giving away our future. Being a voter and being able to vote at the upcoming election is a privilege and an honor. We must know the consequences and the power of our vote at the elections. By voting wisely, we are being thoughtful for our country’s future. By voting wisely, we are caring for the starving children in the streets. By voting wisely, we are being responsible for every life that is in our country.

Before participating in vote buying, we must think of the consequences that can affect our nation and our family. In the upcoming election, we must vote wisely so we can avoid accidents and disasters. We can show love to our nation by being wise about our votes. Our votes are precious and the most powerful tool for our democratic and sovereign society. We must uphold this right for the common good and for the better future of our nation.

Article Written by:

Kade Allyson P. Enriquez

Grade 4- SSC Jose P. Rizal, SJES


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