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Video Lesson Production On the Go

In keeping with the thrust to supplement the learning resources, the Schools Division Office (SDO) San Juan City, through the Curriculum Implementation Division (CID) engaged in the development of the video lessons aligned with the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELCs). The supervisors in the different learning areas organized their respective development teams composed of the director, scriptwriters, technical director for light, sound, and make-up, video editor, and teacher-broadcasters. The development of video lessons was also in synch with the timeline in the region because the competencies were distributed to all the 16 divisions from Kinder to Grade 12 to tackle the MELCs from Quarter 1 to Quarter 4.

Due to the limitation of venue to shoot the required video lessons, the CID sought the assistance of the regional office to partner with the SOLAR Network. As a media partner, they committed to allow the use of their recording facility and some of their team rendered technical assistance to the San Juan City Development Team. This enabled the teachers to experience how to handle professional equipment and the protocols being observed in the recording studio.

Meanwhile, the raw files were edited during the post-production phase by the designated video editors of each development team. The final edited copy would be submitted to the regional supervisors in the different learning areas subject to a conformance review. This would be participated by the division supervisors from the 16 divisions to ensure the alignment of MELCs and the strict adherence to the technical requirements and social guidelines being followed by the Department.

Article written by:

Marnelli B. Tolentino

Education Program Supervisor for English


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