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SAN JUAN CITY - This will be the first locality to experience the augmented reality (AR) in their classrooms across the country. With the help of VIBAL Group, who are the leader in education and technology, they are the first in the Philippines to incorporate a very exciting and interactive software called “LearnLive Augmented Reality” in their textbooks starting from primary education to junior high school. The Division Professional Learning Community and VIBAL Group, spearheaded the pilot testing last November 30, 2023 at Pinaglabanan Elementary School Library.

The School Librarians and Learning Resource (LR) Coordinators from the different schools in San Juan City were amazed and enthusiastic about the utilization of LearnLive AR in their classrooms. Tablets will be given to the schools in San Juan City starting January 2024 and the software is already available to use. This AR will boost the interest and interaction from the students in the different subject areas and in different levels. Moreover, it can turn a difficult concept into a simpler and more exciting way to learn by watching the audio-visual explanations that can be flashed on their smartphones, tablets, and televisions. The LearnLive AR can be used online or offline, most especially, when you downloaded the books that you will need ahead of time. Furthermore, the mobile application is easy to navigate and it consist of all the textbooks with an AR from VIBAL Group.

The presentation and testing of the LearnLive AR to the School Librarians and LR Coordinators was informative and beneficial in the development of the teachinglearning process in the 21st century. Questions and clarifications were addressed by the speakers. With this, it can fully equip the teachers the knowledge that they need, to disseminate the information to all the teachers in their schools, and to effectively utilize it in their own classrooms. This AR showed that we can still be at par with the innovative changes in our technology and at the same time still use the traditional textbooks.

Here are some snapshots of the LearnLive AR presentation and testing:

Article Written by:

Maria Cristelle P. Lacambra

Pinaglabanan Elementary School

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