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Educators collaborate to better serve their students. That is the main idea behind ‘Virtual Day Camp for Teachers’ themed ‘Game of Life: Journey to the Center of the Learners’ Minds.’ This happened last November 13, 2021 under the able leadership of Mr. Cesar A. Camayra and Mrs. Helen A. Acedo, school heads of San Juan National High School and San Juan City Science High School respectively. They spearheaded the planning of the event where SJCSHS teachers became participants and Ms. Liberty D. Quirino, Math teacher from SJNHS, became the resource speaker. The participants were introduced not just to event ideas but different interesting game concepts as well. The selected games can be played online, structured for class use, and used examples were from different learning areas. This way, all teachers who partake in the event have equal chances of getting the answers correctly. The participants and organizers all enjoyed the webinar because it was highly concentrated on playing games, not merely on theories and practices. In the process, some of the rules were set aside and participants kept answering questions with different look or theme each time. This greatly influenced their desire to stay during the webinar and kept them highly interested of what is to come. Some teachers even showed their skills in other learning areas and that was quite a discovery for the observers.

At the end of the webinar, participants were asked to share a word or two on what they felt about the webinar. All shared positive thoughts. They strongly believed that the webinar is timely, the game concepts and ideas were very useful for online classes, they were grateful for the opportunity to learn and were considering making use of what they learned in their actual classes. These words concluded the whole event and proved that it was the kind of sharing valued by participants. Below are some of the pictures during the event.

Article written by:

Liberty D. Quirino,

Math Teacher, SJNHS

Club Adviser, Math 117


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