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SJNHS Faculty, Staff Pursue Equality Goals with Training Workshop on Gender Mainstreaming

According to the United Nations, gender mainstreaming involves “gender perspectives and attention to the goal of gender equality are central to all activities, such as policy development, research, advocacy/ dialogue, legislation, resource allocation, and planning, implementation and monitoring of programs and projects.”

The faculty and staff of San Juan National High School took part in a training workshop on gender mainstreaming as part of a joint goal to push for gender equality in its confines and policies.

Held last July 20, 2023 in Antipolo City’s Star Resort, highlights of the one-day event included various presentations from teachers on equality, showcasing unique ideas and use cases, as well as creative, recreational activities centered on gender perspectives. Teacher Lloyd T. Tulaylay, the School Principal, warmly welcomed the attendees and highlighted the workshop's purpose - to enhance productivity, strengthen cooperation, problem-solving skills, and foster harmonious relationships among colleagues. Acknowledging the challenges faced by the school faculty and staff due to constant changes and demands, the workshop aimed to alleviate workplace stress and demotivation that could hinder organizational effectiveness.

With the theme of “Breaking Barriers, Empowering Futures”, School Head Lloyd T. Tulaylay stressed the importance of conducting the Gender and Development workshop, geared to improving staff productivity by boosting morale, strengthening cooperation, bolstering problem and solving skills, and establishing harmonious relationships among colleagues. Breaking Barriers for Gender Inclusive Development afforded them the opportunity to talk about their insights and ideas. Each department heads enthusiastically presented their thoughts, knowledge, and achievements during the review, emphasizing the need for cooperation and understanding to achieve true gender inclusivity. New sets of leaders for the upcoming school year were announced during the workshop. Meanwhile, tokens of appreciation were provided to the personnel with perfect attendance.

The thrilling games, including "Pass the Message" in Tagalog and "The Longest Line," and “Plastic Wheel,” promoted unity among the participants. Following the eventful day, the teaching and non-teaching personnel enjoyed a delectable lunch in the serene surroundings of Star Antipolo Resort. The rest of the day was filled with swimming, singing, and dancing, providing a much-needed opportunity for the educators to unwind and destress. Before bidding farewell to the picturesque Star Resort, all teaching and non-teaching staff captured memories with department and group photos, showcasing the spirit of unity and togetherness among the participants. The successful workshop concluded at 4:00 pm, as the attendees returned to the school, rejuvenated and ready to embark on a journey towards a more inclusive and harmonious environment at San Juan National High School.

Faculty and staff of San Juan National High School

GAD C.O.R.E Team with the School Head Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay

Article Written by:

Evangeline A. Roque

Teacher III - San Juan National High School

Focal Person, Gender and Development


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