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SJNHS Continues to Embrace Professional Development through SLAC

Pursuant to DepEd Order No. 35 S. 2016 entitled The Learning Action Cell (LAC) as a K to 12 Basic Education Program School-Based Professional Development Strategy for Improvement of Teaching and Learning, San Juan National High School successfully conducted its LAC session under the leadership of the very hard working and committed newly assigned School Head, Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay. It was held on May 26, 2023 at the New Building Conference Hall.

The session encompassed on Communicating MATATAG Agenda School Governance Conference Cum Target Setting and Launching of Project SALAMATS with the theme, One Family in Making a Difference. The LAC and Learning Development Core team is composed of Mrs. Angelina C. Tordera , the Head Teacher In-Charge, Mrs. Maria Carlyn C. Biluan, the Master Teacher In-Charge, Mrs. Genalyn L. Abalos and Mrs. Alona R. Nogoy, the School LAC Coordinators. The positive hormones of the hosts, Mr. Roel A. Sabuco and Mrs. Alona R. Nogoy indulged the participants and guests in the session. It was the very first time that the LAC session was graced by the school division officials, Dr. Margarito B. Materum, (School Division Superintendent), Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado,(Assistant School Division Superintendent) and Dr. Dominique Rivera,( SGOD Chief).

The program commenced with a Nationalistic song conducted by Mr. Junedie Torrefranca and was followed by an opening prayer led by Ms. Cherry Ann Villar. House Rules were presented through an Audio-Visual Presentation. Nine Departments dynamically and creatively presented their “We Commit and Care to Make a Difference” yell. The ever-competitive MAPEH Department aced winning the best yell among the departments. Maria Carlyn C. Biluan, the SLAC Master Teacher in-Charge, gave her Welcome Remarks followed by the Statement of Purpose of Angelina C. Tordera, SLAC Head-Teacher In-Charge. San Juan National High School Faculty and staff were greatly inspired by the informative messages given by Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, Dr. Dominique Rivera, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, and Dr. Margarito B. Materum.

The first discussion on the LAC session focused on the sharing of insights about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey. The LAC and Learning Development Core team collaborated in the discussion of the topic. The program was highlighted with the various discussion of reports on the MATATAG Agenda which hopes to resolve basic education challenges. Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay vividly presented and comprehensively tackled matters on School Governance and Operation. He gave a quizlet to engage the participants in his talk. With him was, Mrs. Aida B. Luistro, the school administrative officer who gave a gentle reminder on the application for leaveofr absence. The accomplishment reports of each department were presented by Ma’am Ajigida S. Abelende, Head Teacher III of the Mathematics Department.

Along with the MATATAG Agenda were the accomplishment reports and updates of the Assistants to the Principal namely, Ms. Abegail A. Soliman, Mr. Rizaldy N. Bercasio, Mr. Domingo C. Bruno Jr., Ms. Sheila Roz F. Sumio and Mr. Ruel D. Liwanag, as seen below:

Mrs. Abegail A. Soliman -Report on Classroom Observation

Master Teacher II- Science Dept

Mr. Rizaldy N. Bercasio -Report on Prefect of Discipline

Master Teacher II- Science Dept.

Mr. Domingo C. Bruno Jr. -Report on Physical Facilities

Master Teacher II- English Dept.

Mrs. Sheila Roz F. Sumio -Report on School-Based Management

Master Teacher II- ESP Dept.

Mr. Ruel D. Liwanag -Sama-Sama Day Output

Master Teacher I- Science Dept. -Criteria For Praise

-ABC ( Araw- Araw Brigada sa Classroom) Project

Furthermore, the details on the SALAMATS Project were deliberately discussed by Mr. Paulo E. Parada, Teacher III of the Mathematics Department and SJNHS FEA President.

This LAC session overflowed with recognition of the unwavering service of the SJNHS faculty and employees. With this, Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, the school head provided incentives and awards based on performance, innovative ideas, and exemplary service to the institution. The awardees were deeply moved with inspiration to excellently serve more. The following awards were given to the recipients:

Ms. Genalyn L. Abalos, the School LAC and Learning and Development Coordinator, expressed her heartfelt gratitude and her warmest congratulations to the LAC working force and the SJNHS MATATAG family for the success of the session. The program ended with a closing prayer led by Ms. Reygin L. Metran, Teacher II of the English Department and FEA Vice-President. It was, indeed, a meaningful and fruitful LAC session that brought outpouring happy emotions to the SJNHS MATATAG Family.

Article Written by:

Genalyn L. Abalos

San Juan National High School - Teacher III


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