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SJES pupils receive free health check-up following f2f classes

The Local Government Unit of San Juan spearheaded the conduct of the ONE HEALTH CHECK-UP DAY on May 23- 24, 2022 in line with the memorandum No. NCR 063 s.2022. Around 200 pupils of San Juan Elementary School received free dental health services before the start of the expanded face-to-face classes held on Monday, May 30, 2022. The learners and DepEd personnel needing preventive and curative services, with the end goal of improving the quality of education of healthy school populace, benefited from the activity. The free check-up covered physical examination, oral assessment of mouth and teeth, and application of fluoride varnish to the pupils whose guardians consented through writing. The said activity was necessary to still provide these services to learners and personnel to address the high prevalence of dental caries and other health problems. At least three dentists from DepEd joined the activity as the frontline service provider with technical assistance from the Health Section of the SDO San Juan.

Article Written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue

Teacher II

San Juan Elementary School


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