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SJES learners reap awards on Recognition Day

Learners of San Juan Elementary School (SJES) from Grades 1 to 6 reaped the fruit of their hard work and sacrifices this school year as they received medals for their academic distinction on the Recognition Day.

The school proudly and honorably presented the 357 students consisting of 321 with honors, 35 with high honors, and 1 with highest honors—on stage. Mr. Mark John Ortiz, a Grade One teacher, and Ms. Carylline G. Intic, a Kindergarten teacher, emceed the action. The parade of the principal, students, parents, and our guest signaled the commencement of the event. Ms. Jade Anne D. Panganiban, a Kindergarten teacher, conducted the National Anthem, while Mr. Angelo Stephen D. Josue, a Grade Four teacher, delivered the prayer.

The guidance counselor, Mrs. Lovely M. Gidayawan, welcomed everyone and congratulated the parents, teachers, and especially the honor students.

Dr. Lucila G. Artuyo, the principal of San Juan Elementary School, credited everyone's efforts in helping the students succeed. The learner's drive and determination in pursuing higher goals were highlighted as well as the parents' unshakable support for them as manifested through their cooperation on the numerous school endeavors for the benefit of the learners at this institution. She also mentioned the educators who painstakingly mold students into whole individuals in all facets of learning, including academics and real-world skills, the institution and its staff for consistently offering experiences and chances for learning that were aimed toward personal growth.

Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, gave her motivational speech as she congratulated the parents and motivated everyone to close the memorable day with positive thoughts.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Mila S. Eustaquio, Master Teacher II, delivered her closing remarks and congratulated everyone. Truly, the concept of Recognition” is not only limited to a kind of understanding but also serves as a kind of motivation. Congratulations to all the awardees!

Article Written by:

Ofelia Marasigan

Master Teacher I - San Juan Elementary School

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