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SJES intensifies hand washing activity in school

“Hand hygiene is not a choice but a necessity.”

As face-to-face classes went on, San Juan Elementary School intensified its hand washing activity as one of the most effective ways to stop the spreading of bacteria and viruses. Mrs. Anna May M. De Leon, School WinS Coordinator, initiated this activity together with the advisers and learners. This has been their daily routine since the opening of the face-to-face classes. Washing the hands properly is one of the most important things that people can do to help prevent and control the spread of many illnesses. Good hand hygiene reduces the risk of things like flu, food poisoning, and healthcare associated infections being passed from person to person.

One of the learners of Grade Six, Marcus Alfie I. Bernabe, was spotted washing his hands with soap as part of his morning routine even before the graduation practice started. He would make sure that his hands were clean with water and soap before he could start the day with his classmates. The handwashing activity had been facilitated by the Grade Six advisers before they started the graduation practice every day. Their principal Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, teachers, stakeholders, and learners of San Juan Elementary School will continue to spread the awareness on proper handwashing with soap and clean water, especially at this time of pandemic. As the school tagline says, “WE CARE”, they wish everyone’s safety and health in their bid to maintain in-person instruction at the school.

Article written by:

Anna May M. de Leon

San Juan Elementary School Teacher

School WinS Coordinator


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