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SJES Grade 6 Pupils Wished for “Cannot be Wrapped” Gifts for Christmas

Grade 6 pupils hoped for the end of the Covid-19 and good grades on their second Christmas in the pandemic era.

Photo Credit: Vine Valdez - John Wayne V. Hiponia VI-Matatag; Geraldine Remion Tagacay Gerhod T. Dela Peña VI-Matatag

Some people say that there is no Christmas without children. Activities done to celebrate this season whether it be in the family or in school, children would likely be present. There were some events like company parties where there were no children attendees, some adults would feel and act like one.

Most of the population of Grade 6 learners of San Juan Elementary School (SJES) are 11 to 12 years old. Normally, a child at this age may exhibit self-definition. This is one of the reasons why most children desire for objects like clothes, mobile phones, or a musical instrument that will define themselves.

This stage in their lives is greatly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Peer engagements and social responsibilities are at a halt. The end of this worldwide problem may be the only way to achieve the milestones for the entire development of the social and emotional aspect of children in this stage.

For the meantime, adaptation to the present environment is the cornerstone of the children’s lives. Their wishes are significant enough for everyone to take all the necessary precautions to stop the spread of the virus. It is a challenge for all grown-ups to do what it takes to make these practical wishes a reality. Have a meaningful Christmas season, everyone!

Article Written By:

Carmela D. Agdalpen – Teacher III

San Juan Elementary School


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