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SJES Grade 6 Pupils Took Part on the Pilot Roll-Out of Anti-Covid-19 Vaccination for Minors

Children aged 12 and up along with their parents headed their way to the Fil-Oil Flying V Arena to get their vaccination shots.

12 out of 77 Grade 6 pupils of San Juan Elementary School (SJES) aged 12 and up participated in the inoculation of minors in San Juan City that started on November 3, 2021.

The pupils were inoculated with Pfizer Bio-NTech vaccine, as the FDA only allows Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be used in minors.

SDO San Juan City hosted the Advocacy Campaign for Pediatric Covid-19 Vaccination on November 5 to explain important information related to the vaccination of minors. The school data reveals that 31 pupils are willing to receive the Covid-19 vaccines and15 of them have already registered.

SPG President Elisha Job Bravo, also inoculated with Covid-19 vaccine, said that it was his choice to be protected and to have peace of mind. “As SPG President, I would like to recommend everyone to be vaccinated for everyone's safety from COVID-19. It might feel scary at first but the advantages outweigh the risks,” he added.

This age bracket of Filipino population is also included in the Three-Day Immunization Drive that is set on November 29 to December 1, 2021.


DepEd Tayo San Juan City

Ma’am Anna May de Leon, School WinS Coordinator

Elisha Job Bravo, SPG President, VI-Special Science

Michelle Gaufo VI-Mapagkalinga

Article Written By:

Carmela D. Agdalpen – Teacher III

San Juan Elementary School


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