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In reference to DepEd Memorandum No. 23, s. 2023 titled National Festival of Talents (NFOT) as a co-curricular activity is a clear and proactive reinforcement of the teaching and learning process and reflects the significant association between what the learners learned in school and what they performed and produced during this activity.

The Division Festival of Talents (DFOT) was held last June 6-7 at Pinaglabanan Elementary School (PES). It was a celebration that aimed to recognize and promote the diverse talents and skills of the students from various schools within the division. The highlight of the event was the "Bayle sa Kalye" performance, a traditional dance form that originated in the Philippines. The lively and dynamic choreography of the dancers was a sight to behold, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of the country. The performers exhibited exceptional precision, coordination, and grace as they moved in perfect harmony with the rhythm of the music.

The event drew an avid audience comprising students, teachers, parents, and community members, who gathered to witness the creative process of these young dancers. The energy in the air was solid as the performers took the stage with each step resonating with the vibrant beat of the music.

San Juan Elementary School actively participated in this event. The Coach Mrs. Leah B. Cleope, MAPEH and Math Teacher, took the courage to train the pupils in this activity even in a short span of time. The chosen music which is Lapay Bantique It is a local dance art festival that originated from the graceful movements of hovering birds known as seagulls or the LAPAY, found to be abundant in Barangay Bantigue, Masbate. SJES emerged as the winner in this category and would represent the division in the Regional Festival of Talents.

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Master Teacher I - San Juan Elementary School


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