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SJC journos look back at the highlights of their NSPC 2023 journey

The delegates from the DepEd San Juan comprising of the three campus journalists, their three school paper advisers, and the two supervisors-in-charge.

Three campus journalists from the Schools Division of San Juan City competed in the annual National Schools Press Conference held in Cagayan de Oro from July 17 to 21, 2023. They formed part of the official delegates that represented the National Capital Region in the prestigious competition for young writers in the country. Two of them, Samantha Gabrielle Oga and Martina Venice P. Doroteo, both came from San Juan City Science High School and battled it out in the individual categories of Science and Technology Writing and Column Writing at the Secondary Level, respectively. Meanwhile, Eraño Angelo T. Offemaria, from Salapan Elementary School, contended with the representatives from the other regions in the Science and Technology Writing for the Elementary Level.

Liceo de Cagayan University served as the venue for the high school journalists while Pilgrim Christian College hosted the contests for the elementary scribes.

During the conference, the campus journalists were engaged in various skills competitions for individual and group categories, workshops, and seminars designed to enhance their journalistic abilities, critical thinking, and media literacy. This year’s theme, “From Campus Journalism to Real-World Journalism: Shaping Minds from Schools to Societies,” provided the young scribes with the opportunities to showcase their talents and learn from their peers, other trainers, and the whole experience itself as they immersed in the mechanics of the conference.

Taken during the awarding ceremonies featuring the NCR delegates including Team San Juan City.

Together with their three coaches namely Maria Corazon G. Ocampo, Fran Cathleen P. Castillo, and Marivic T. de Ocampo, the learners were able to gather notable experiences from the arrival in the host region, the registration at the billeting school, the dynamics of the opening program up to the conduct of the actual competitions, the awarding of winners, and the closing program. Not only were they able to engage in cognitive activities but also in the social and cultural dimensions as well because they got exposed to the culinary delights of the city, the beautiful tourist spots in the nearby provinces, the ways and traditions being displayed by the people and organizations they met along the way.

A collage of the cultural immersion experienced by the San Juan City delegates during their 8-day stay in Cagayan de Oro City and the nearby provinces to inspire other campus journalists and school paper advisers with what awaits them in NSPC.

There was also the election of officers for the elementary and secondary association of campus journalists in between the individual and group contests. The organizers called for all the Grade Seven to Nine students to comprise the guild for the secondary while those who were in Grade Four to Five were invited to the elementary level. Fortunately, Doroteo was elected as the National President and Oga was voted as the Vice President for Luzon. Interestingly, the young Salapeño Offemaria was also hailed as the Auditor of their association at the elementary level, resulting in a power-house cast of Team San Juan being selected for a national position which left a good impression on the young writers and a great contribution for Team NCR.

During the oath taking ceremonies for the newly-elected officers for the elementary and secondary levels held at the Centrio Mall Ayala.

As their NSPC journey came to an end, the team appreciated the valuable experience and lessons they got from their participation in this highly-anticipated event. It can be recalled how difficult it was to qualify for a slot as only the First Placers were allowed to compete in the different contests, reducing the number of participants to a manageable size as part of the adjustment to the comeback of the in-person conduct of the NSPC after two years of hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It is hoped that with the adventures experienced by the campus journalists and their school paper advisers here, Team San Juan City will be inspired to secure more slots for the next NSPC in 2024.

Written by:

Marnelli B. Tolentino

Education Program Supervisor - English


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