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June 8, 2023 - Salapan Elementary School conducted an enlightening Learning Action Cell (LAC) session for its dedicated teachers. The event served as professional development and knowledge sharing, with a particular focus on revisiting the rights of public-school teachers under Republic Act 4670, also known as the Magna Carta for Public School Teachers. Anthony Aguilar, Master Teacher I, was assigned as the first speaker for the day. Throughout the talk, he explored various sections of the law that offered substantial benefits to teachers, such as tenure, salary increases, leaves, and retirement plans.

The participants engaged in lively discussions, seeking clarifications, and sharing personal experiences related to their rights as public school teachers. They eagerly absorbed the insights shared on recent updates and amendments to the law, as well as his interpretations of key provisions.

One of the focal points of the session was the importance of teacher empowerment and the need to exercise their rights responsibly. Aguilar encouraged the educators to familiarize themselves with the law, empowering them to assert their entitlements and protect their professional interests. He further emphasized the significance of knowing the legal recourse available to them in case their rights are compromised. Salapan Elementary School's Learning Action Cell session proved to be an invaluable opportunity for professional development and collective growth.

Article Written by:

Anthony Q. Aguilar

Master Teacher I - Salapan Elementary School

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