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SES partners with AHA! Learning Center

Like West Crame Elementary School and the other schools outside of San Juan City, Salapan Elementary School has partnered with AHA! Learning Center in reporting news that entertain and teach life lessons.

The program which airs in DZRJ 810 AM Voice of the Philippines and Facebook Page – Radyo Bandido in Sky Cable Channel 224 and in Digital Boxes every Sunday from 4 o’clock to 5 o’clock in the afternoon presents happy news in its first segment, the AHA Balitang Bata – Masayang Balitaan by the main host, co – host, and the junior host.

Hanz Dominic V. Villas, a grade 6 pupil, joined AHA scholars and junior hosts Yvette and Kirby in the first episode of the program: Pakikisalamuha aired on April 24, 2022. Sophia Avril I. Inmenzo, a fifth grader, had the same role in the second episode: Mangarap, Magplano shown on June 12, 2022. She was with Lucia Martin then.

In the Bata Break, a game was played not only to attract the attention of the viewers and listeners but also to introduce the topic for discussion in the “Word for the Day” followed by the affirmation. Mrs. Marrilour T. Bulfango, the focal person in Balitang Bata, facilitated the game in each episode.

Three members of the partner school community took part in Balitaktakan. They expressed their views or opinions on the given question. In the first episode, Fiona Miles Peteza, a sixth grader, Mrs. Susan L. Gohil, Master Teacher II, and Mrs. Marivic T. De Ocampo, the Journalism coordinator, answered the question Paano na ba makisama sa face - to - face pagkatapos ng dalawang taon ng online classes?

Paano ka magset ng goal para sa iyong sarili? Given this question in the second episode, the school principal, Mrs. Florence C. Ares, Mr. Jessie Francisco, the school guard, and Mrs. Elizabeth P. Cariño, the guidance teacher, participated in the Balitaktakan.

In Balitang Bayani, Coach Rosan Holmes and Coach Atel Vibar of Haraya Sibol shed light on the topics, Gawin ang Tama: Pakikinig at Pakikisalamuha sa Iba and Perseverance: Setting Goals with their thorough discussion and the manifestation of confidence while answering questions during the interview.

Hanz and Sophia Avril shared their learnings in Sabi ng Bata / Pabaon / Key Takeaways before Usapang Pamilya.

In Balitang Eskwela episode 1, Mrs. Bulfango’s news report focused on the blessing and inauguration of the new 4 - storey, 24 – classroom and 4 – storey, 7 – classroom school building of Salapan Elementary School and the opening of face – to – face classes.

With pride, she reported that in celebration of the National Women’s Month, Mrs. Salome M. Encabo was recognized as the Champion of Women Empowerment.

In addition to that, Jensen Pañoso was awarded with a bronze medal for winning in the Philippine International Mathematical Olympiad 2022 Heat Round.

In the next airing dated June 12, 2022, Mrs. De Ocampo gave reports on One Health Check Up Day, national I.D. registration as well as the preparations for the Kinder Moving Up Ceremony and the face – to – face graduation of Grade 6.

Watching AHA Balitang Bata is worth the time that’s why like the others, the Salapeños eagerly look forward to viewing the next episode. There is learning while watching and listening.

Article written by:

Marivic T. De Ocampo

Salapan Elementary Sschool Teacher


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