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SES Falls Short Against Kabayanan, Wins 1st Place

The Salapan Elementary School (SES) basketball team completed a remarkable 7-0 standing before losing to Kabayanan Elementary School (KES) in the finals held at Pinaglabanan Elementary School (PES). The SES team powered a decisive 7-0 run in the fourth quarter to push Kabayanan for only four (4) points from 12 points deficit with less than five (5) minutes remaining in the clock. Team KES managed to bring about the lead to seven (7) points within the last two (2) minutes, hoping to keep the lead with not less than 6 points. SES got offenses from a selection of sources, where almost all team members fired long shots.

The SES team managed to win seven (7) consecutive wins without losing prior to the championship but had a very hard time figuring out how to solve the offense of Kabayanan. It was not shocking since KES had the best team players and offenses were not a problem because of their huge center. The KES team players fired shots in and out while the rebound was solely left to their center player. With this, the SES team had a very difficult time getting the rebound. At that point, because they were already down at two digit-point, SES had really exhausted all the remedies to stop the center player and there was a point where the SES team thought they could manage to overturn the game into a favorable lead. Yet, a few turnovers committed nailed the last for Kabayanan to be the champion of the league.

Nevertheless, the SES team won the 1st place in the league. They were regarded as a veteran team and remained optimistic for the next time around competition.

Article Written by:

Jojo C. Valdez

Teacher 1


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