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As the emergence of the first quarter of FY 2023, God blessed once again the SDO San Juan City with new partner industries that not only support its various programs and projects but as well as its public schools’ improvement of facilities, students, teachers and non-teaching empowerment, development and health & wellness. As of this writing, eight (8) new partner industries already provided/pledged their support while there are five (5) prospective partners being worked-out by the School Governance and Operations Division of the SDO.

The Division is very grateful and welcomes the following partners:

1. ADP Pharma – donated various vitamins, medicines for students, teachers and non-teaching staff and feminine wash in support during the Women’s Month Celebration;

2. Fantastic Good Food, Inc.Chef Laudico Guevarra’s Restaurant provided tokens for awardees of women empowerment during the Awarding Ceremony of Women’s Month last March 31. A pledge of support for San Juan City TVL Senior High School for the conduct of Entrepreneurship Fair including prizes for the winners of the Youth Business Camp in June 2023;

3. First AltMed – conducted free blood analysis to all SDO personnel and schools’ faculty and staff as well as a mini seminar (talk) with the Federation of GPTA Officers of San Juan City;

4. Forthworth Inc. (TechnoKids Phils.) – an ICT seminar is being conducted with San Juan Science High School and San Juan City TVL Senior High School. TechnoKids will conduct the basic Robotics Seminar/Workshop for selected elementary students of the June 2023 Youth Camp;

5. Fountain International School – the school chose the San Juan City TVL Senior High School for various donations in kind and in cash as the management saw the current burned and pitiful building condition of the school. There will be more engaging academic partnership being work-out by the Division thru the Curriculum and Implement Division group.

6. Le Lush Fleur Beauty Lounge – this beauty salon forged partnership thru a Memorandum of Agreement. The owner and CEO gave an inspiring message during the Women’s Month Celebration and provided tokens for awardees of the said celebration. They also accommodated the immersion students of the SHS-TVL and gave more pledges of support for SDO.

7. TES Advertising Agency – this advertising company graciously provided funding support (paid directly to suppliers) to various SDO-SJ’s Adopt-A-School Program addressing the needs of chosen schools in terms of School Based Feeding Program for the San Juan Academic Senior High School and Sta. Lucia Elementary School’s improvement of school facilities. Awards of cash prizes on the other hand, will directly be given to all Robotics winners by the TES Advertising Agency officials during the Awarding Ceremony for the June 2023 Youth Camp.

8. Zaron Skin Organics – majority of SDO personnel and schools’ faculty and staff enjoyed the post Valentine treat of health and wellness provided by Zaron.

SDO San Juan also welcomes the following prospective partners whose partnership engagement with the Division is still underway:

1. Dominican College – initial partnership meeting with CID was already held together with the school’s several academic official representatives. Partnership will involve on the different aspects of ASP with regards to Brigada Pagbasa, bood donations, social-emotional learning services and other academic endeavors.

2. Hytech Power Corp. – a very promising partner who pledged support for the Robotics Seminar/Workshop of June 2023 Youth Camp. The company thru the Dept. of Science & Technology will conduct the said seminar/workshop for selected students from San Juan City Science High School, San Juan National High School and STEM students of San Juan Academic Senior High School.

3. National Council for Children’s Television (NCCT) – proposed Media Education Literacy Services on Telebibo, Katuwang sa Mapanuring Panonood (KaSaMaPa) and Understanding & Utilizing Media in Teaching (UMMT), initial meeting was already held with two (2) of the CID Supervisors – Ms. Marnelli B. Tolentino, EPS English and Ms. Eulafel C. Pascual, EPS Filipino.

4. Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital – requesting to conduct a Quiz Bee for Junior and Senior High School students, other partnership for ASP especially for health and wellness of all concerned is being collaborated with the hospital.

5. Philippine Normal University – the university is being tapped by the Division to assist in different areas of ASP - OJT for BS/MA Guidance Counselling students and undergraduate students of Teacher Education to be deployed in all SDO San Juan City’s public schools; and University Extension Program on Learning and Development on Research and Development, Pedagogies, GAD and Reading Program. A meeting is set between the two parties this April.

Article Written by:

Evelyn S. Plaza

Education Program Specialist II - Social Mobilization


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