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SDO San Juan holds DLAC on Optimizing LR Management in Schools through Canva

The Schools Division Office - San Juan held a Division Learning Action Cell (DLAC) for Learning Resource Management System (LRMS) entitled "Optimizing Learning Resource Management in Schools Through Canva" via Google Meet.

This was facilitated by Ms. Dyanarha Y. Musni, LR Coordinator, and Ms. Fran Cathleen P. Castillo, Teacher- Assigned- Librarian from San Juan City Science High School.

The DLAC session provided an overview and practical applications of Canva in relation to learning resource management in schools. Through this, learning resource management in schools might be optimized with the help of Canva. Canva in Education is a free and user-friendly application for teachers using their respective DepEd email accounts. Many learning resources can also be developed with the use of Canva. This would strengthen learning resource management in schools for the benefit of teachers, learners and other stakeholders.

The said Division LAC addressed the mandates under the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) regulations, notably Domain 4, Curriculum and Planning, and strands: 3. Relevance and responsiveness of learning programs; 4. Professional collaboration to enrich teaching practice; and 5. Teaching and learning resources including ICT.

Ms. Musni went over the basic parts of Canva on how to use them to customize photographs and create graphics for Google Site. This was followed by Ms. Castillo, who briefly discussed the essentials of setting up a Canva account and upgrading to pro for teachers. As part of the application from the aforementioned aim, Canva-created work from their school and was also shared.

Both speakers emphasized the benefits of having a DepEd email account for Canva for Education and encouraged the audience to learn more about the platform.

The Division LAC participants were the LR Team, School LR Coordinators, Librarians, and Teachers- Library-in- Charge.

Article written by:

Fran Cathleen P. Castillo

Teacher I

San Juan City Science High School

Dyanarha Y. Musni

Teacher I

San Juan City Science High School


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