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In consonance to the Basic Education Learning Continuity Plan or BELCP that aims to deliver quality distance education amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, SDO San Juan City conducted a three-day Training Workshop on TV Production last January 31, February 2-3, 2022. It was attended by 66 participants composed of SDO personnel, School Heads, and select teachers from the public elementary and secondary schools of San Juan City.

The Day 1 (January 31, 2022) of the Training Workshop on TV Lesson Production was an online activity via Google Meet to accommodate all the teachers for the Division In-Service Training. During the Opening Program, Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Cecille G. Carandang, said in her message, “We know that this week is intended for the continuous upskilling and reskilling of our in-service training for teachers, while our students use this time to compensate for the lost contact synchronous sessions due to the imposition of the academic health break. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the opportunity that our team in the Curriculum Implementation Division headed by the CID Chief, Dr. Helen G. Padilla, came-up with this webinar to further capacitate our teachers who will serve as the core team in the development of TV production.”

To start the session proper, Ms. Eulafel C. Pascual, EPS for Filipino introduced with pride the lone resource speaker for the three-day training workshop, and he is none other than Mr. Roberto Jatulan Valle also known as “Roobak” to his colleagues.

Mr. “Roobak” earned his Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics at Dela Salle University, Manila. As an artist, he considered Advance Theater Acting, Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Summer Drama Workshop 1986 as one of the most significant acting trainings he experienced.

He has been working as Executive Board Member, GANTIMPALA Theater Foundation since 1990. He is also a resident Director of GANTIMPALA Theater Foundation since 1996. He also rked as Artistic Director, TEATRO BANGKO SENTRAL, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Manila, 1993-1997.

Our renowned resource speaker has several directorial stints with some prestigious companies both known locally and internationally, such as Nestle Nutrition Institute, Towers Watson Philippines, Schneider Electric Philippines, Hewlett Packard’s Roadshow, among others.

This was his second time working with DepEd San Juan. He was hired as the director during DepEd’s Palarong Panrehiyon when San Juan City hosted the program in 2014.

The topic for session 1 day 1 was Introduction of TV Production where the speaker discussed relevant terminologies and stages of TV Production.

The training-workshop resumed in the afternoon at 1:00 pm. Mr. Valle talked about what comprised the Production Team. He shared his expertise with the Director, Cameraman/Videographer who are supposed to work collaboratively to produce a quality video lesson.

The next session was a continuation of the training workshop for the Production Team. He gave a comprehensive lecture for the make-up artist and scriptwriter whom he finds equally significant in the TV Production.

For Day 2 (February 2, 2022) of the Training-Workshop, it was a face-face activity held at the Conference Hall of SDO San Juan City. The speaker started with a series of group activities such as Getting to Know Each Other, Tableau Vivant, and Use of Music in Tableau Vivant (Mini-Showcase). The presented activities showed the group’s creativity, teamwork, camaraderie, and confidence.

During the lecture proper, the discussant used the following acronyms;

I - Initiator/s

R - Regulator

I - Information

S - Supporter

E - Evaluator

The next session focused on Hosting. In this part, Mr. “Roobak” underscored that it is a must to communicate with the viewers and camera and he emphasized the importance of projection. He also gave practical tips on Stage Geography, Breathing Exercise, Delivery of Lines, Basic Make-up Techniques, Costume.

This was followed by another lecture for Camera/Director. He said that the director is the captain of the ship. As an experienced director, he unselfishly shared some important points on how to use the camera effectively so as to produce desirable shots.

Day 3 (February 3, 2022), this in-person activity gave the participants a hands-on experience as the brilliant resource speaker taught them the actual know-hows on directing and camera movement. They even set-up the pieces of equipment, such as camera and some lighting for the participants to manipulate during the sample shooting of hosting for TV Production. The participants showed appreciation because the training-workshop gave them a clear glimpse on how they are going to carry out their specific tasks.

The teacher participants for each school worked collaboratively for the scriptwriting with the given learning area. This would serve as their output for the training workshop and one of the requirements for their certificates.

For the Closing Program, Dr. Helen G. Padilla, CID-Chief delivered the message while Mrs. Eulafel C. Pascual, the Filipino Supervisor, gave the Closing Remarks. The CID personnel headed by Dr. Padilla, presented the Certificate of Appreciation with pride to the resource speaker, Mr. Roberto J. Valle. Likewise, the teacher participants received their Certificates of Participation.

The Three-Day Training-Workshop on TV Lesson gave the teachers the opportunity to acquire a comprehensive knowledge and skills on the discipline of directing, hosting/acting, studio lighting and script analysis. The acquired skills are set to be utilized for the production of Key Stage 1 TV lessons for Quarter 3 and 4 to augment the TV lesson episodes for DepEd NCR.

Some snapshots taken during Day 1 of the Training Workshop

Random snapshots taken during Day 2 of the Training Workshop conducted at the SDO Conference Hall

Activity on movements as demonstrated by selected participants

Closing Program held on Day 3 at the SDO Conference Hall

Photo Credits: Ms. Vilma T. Padilla - Division Librarian

Article Written by:

Dr. Emma A. Sendiong

Education Program Supervisor

ESP, Guidance and SpEd


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