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The Schools Division Office-San Juan through the Curriculum Implementation Division- Learning Resource Management Section conducted a 3-Day Hybrid Training-Workshop for the Division Pool of Illustrators last March 28-30, 2022.

The lead program managers are Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo, EPS-LRMS and Ms. Maria Liwayway R. Rosopa, Teacher from Pedro Cruz Elementary School under the leadership of SDS Cecille G. Carandang, ASDS Buenafe E. Sabado, CID Chief Helen G. Padilla, SGOD Chief Dominique T. Rivera. Participants of the activity are the Education Program Supervisors, Division LR Team, Resource Speakers, TWG and Teacher-Illustrators from District 1 and 2.

The 3-day hybrid training-workshop was conducted where Day 1 was a face-to-face session at the SDO San Juan Conference Hall and followed by Day 2 and 3 via Google meet as the online platform. The program for Day 1 started with a Nationalistic Song followed by the doxology. Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo, EPS-LRMS acknowledged the participants of the training-workshop. Dr. Helen G. Padilla, CID Chief, delivered the Statement of Purpose and emphasized that this training-workshop aims to train the pool of illustrators per school to develop and provide illustrations for video lessons, modules, and other instructional materials. She also shared the “Parable of talents” and highlighted that we are to use and grow our talents from God for His glory. In her Welcome Remarks, Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Cecille G. Carandang recognized the teacher participants for taking the challenge despite of their busy class schedule and the tasks on-hand. She also stated that SDO San Juan is blessed with talented teachers and recognized Ms. Maria Liwayway Rosopa for being a DepEd National Illustrator. SDS Carandang also thanked the program managers, EPSs, teacher-illustrators and all the participants of the said activity.

The first speaker was a DepEd National Illustrator of SDO San Juan and a teacher of Pedro Cruz Elementary School, Ms. Maria Liwayway Rosopa. In Ms. Rosopa’s session, the participants learned page guidelines, graphic design guidelines, and social content guidelines. She also discussed the practical reasons behind these guidelines to ensure that the SDO San Juan Illustrators follow these in any instructional material that the illustration will be used to avoid criminal charges and liabilities. During the first session, the participants were given a task to draw using the traditional techniques.

The speaker for Session 2 was Ms. Hannah Krystelle Q. Del Rosario from Pasig City Science High School, Schools Division Office- Pasig City. She delivered the topic “Using the Paint Tool SAI Software. In this session, the resource speaker introduced the Digital illustration software “Paint Tool SAI”, a high quality and lightweight painting software, provides easy and stable operation, this software makes digital art more enjoyable and comfortable. Ms. Del Rosario guided the participants through learning some of its tools and techniques. She showed the participants on how to draw an object. In return, the participants were able to draw an apple, and everybody enjoyed it.

The last session for Day 1 was “Using Medibang Software” which was given by Ms. Camille Jewelle L. Garcia from EMS Signal Village Elementary School, Schools Division Office of Taguig City and Pateros. Ms. Garcia guided the teacher illustrators on the basic features of drawing and painting using Medibang. She also shared different techniques in using the software. Ms. Garcia gave a task to the teacher-illustrators in digitizing a line art of a jellyfish. She shared techniques on how to maximize the use of a layer, drawing a line and adding color. The participants were able to accomplish the task with joy and excitement. Towards the end of Day 1, Dr. Jonas Feliciano Domingo reminded the teacher-illustrators on their assigned learning areas.

For Day 2, the training workshop for Division Pool of Illustrators was conducted online via Google meet. The Management of Learning was conducted by the District 1 teachers. It started with a Nationalistic Song and Doxology. It was then followed by the Recap through an AVP by Ms. Susan L. Gohil, Teacher from Salapan Elementary School. It was then followed by the presentation of the results of the evaluation of Day 1 Training by Ms. Sheila Mae Mariano also from Salapan Elementary School. The time for Day 2 was utilized to let the teacher-illustrators accomplish their task per learning-area.

The last day of the training-workshop was conducted online via Google meet. The MOL was facilitated by Mr. John Paolo S. Alad. The Recap was given by Mr. Jorge Ulanday, Teacher from San Juan National High School. Ms. Rosopa showed the illustrations which were developed by the teacher-illustrators per learning area.

For the Closing Program, Dr. Helen G. Padilla, CID-Chief gave the Challenge to the teacher-illustrators. The Call for Commitment and Acceptance was then delivered by Mr. John Paolo S. Alad. He emphasized to all the participants to “Allow others carry the burden with you” and to use this talent for the Glory of God “Para sa Diyos, Para sa Bayan at Para sa Bata”. The session ended with the awarding of certificates to the TWG and participants. The training-workshop was facilitated by Ms. Micah M. Melorin of Pedro Cruz Elementary School as the Master of Ceremony.

The 3-day training workshop was not enough but the commitment is full. To God be the Glory!

Day 1 Training Workshop Hands-on activity

Day 2 Training Workshop via Google Meet

Certificate of Recognition given to the Resource Speakers for sharing their expertise

Day 3 Closing Program via Google Meet

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