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SDO San Juan Conducts 3-Day Division Capacity Building for Teachers on MFAT/IE

The SDO San Juan City conducted a three-day capacity building-workshop for teachers on Multi-Factored Assessment Tool (MFAT) and Inclusive Education (IE). It was held last August 18, 2022 at SDO Conference Hall and the next two days, August 19-20, 2022 were done via asynchronous activities. The event was participated in by the School Heads, together with the Grade 1 teachers (MFAT) and selected secondary teachers for IE under the leadership of Dr. Emma A. Sendiong, Division Focal Person for SpEd. The primary aim was to assess and give assistance to learners enrolled in regular schools who may have exhibit developmental advancement or delays, or have manifestations of learning disability.

The MFAT is a screening tool intended to gather information for learner’s strengths, needs, learning styles, and other educational concerns. It aims to assist teachers for instructional planning and educational placement of learners. As a matter of fact, DepEd Order No. 72 defines Inclusive Education as the philosophy of accepting all children regardless of race, size, shape, color, ability or disability with support from school staff, students, parents and community. The three-day Division initiated activity was conceptualized in response to the DepEd’s vision-Education for All (EFA).

Before the session proper started, Dr. Sendiong formally introduced Dr. Liliosa B. Palce as the resource speaker for the entire program. She is the current Education Supervisor from SDO Muntinlupa and an expert in Special Education. For the first session, Dr. Palce tackled the topic, Inclusive Education/Learners with Difficulties. She comprehensively discussed the details of DepEd Order No. 72 for the full understanding of the teacher participants. After her talk, the speaker entertained the queries of the teachers regarding the topic.

The session resumed in the afternoon with the topic, Multi-Factored Assessment Tool (MFAT). The speaker mentioned that MFAT was originally developed and crafted for Grade 1 learners but when the pandemic occurred for two consecutive years, she mentioned that it can be administered for Grades 2 and 3 because learners with manifestations of learning difficulty were not yet identified on those years.

Further, Dr. Palce explained the procedure on how to administer the MFAT appropriately. She also reiterated that not all Grades 1-3 pupils are required to take the MFAT but shall only be given to learners who exhibit signs and manifestations of learning difficulties. She also clarified that only a Developmental Pediatrician has the authority to confirm the cases of suspected learners with learning difficulties. After her talk, Dr. Palce paved the way to answer the questions of the participants regarding the sensitive topic.

After the Open Forum, Dr. Emma A. Sendiong awarded the Certificate of Recognition to the resource speaker. She also mentioned that the participants will receive their Certificate of Participation/ Completion once they submit the expected outputs for the activity.

Before the program winded-up, Dr. Sendiong distributed boxes to each school which contained the MFAT materials for the elementary and Inclusive Education materials for the secondary participants which will be used when administering the assessment tools together with the activity timeline.

The following are some snaps taken from the said activity.

The participants are highly engaged during the Three-Day Division Capacity Building on Inclusive Education/Multi-Factored Assessment Tool, August 18-20, 2022 at the SDO Conference Hall

Article written by:

Dr. Emma A. Sendiong

EPS for EsP/Guidance/SpEd


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