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SDO- San Juan Hosts the Regional Consultative Meeting on SpEd Transition Programs

The Regional Consultative Meeting on the Implementation on the Transition Programs for Learners with Disability initiated by the Central Office and facilitated by San Juan City EPS for EsP/Division Focal Person for SpEd, Dr. Emma A. Sendiong, was participated by the SpEd teachers and receiving teachers from the different divisions. The session started with the singing of a nationalistic song, prayer and presentation of the participants. Dr. Helen G. Padilla, CID Chief, welcomed all the participants and it was followed by the inspirational messages given by the Regional Supervisor for SpEd, Dr. Roland D. Montes and Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, SDO-San Juan City.

Dr. Sendiong introduced the facilitator of the SpEd Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Dr. Nancy C. Pascual, Supervising Education Program Supervisor Specialist of BLD-Student Inclusion Division. Dr. Pascual discussed tips on how to handle Leaners with Disability (LWDs) in an Inclusive Education and the Updates on SpEd Policies / Guidelines.

She highlighted the implementation of the DepED order no. 044 s. 2021, Policy Guidelines on the Provision of Educational Programs and Services for Learners with Disabilities in the K to 12 Basic Education Program. It was then followed by health break.

The discussion resumed with an energizer to invigorate the participants. The facilitator then opened the plenary for the Open Forum. Teachers from the different divisions raised their concerns, issues and questions which were addressed accordingly by the facilitator. On the latter part of the meeting, Q&A activity was steered and Dr. Pascual gave the participants the opportunity to answer some SpEd related questions and share their experiences or ideas.

After the photo opportunity, certificate of appearance was given to the participants and to the resource speaker before the San Juan City Division SpEd Focal Person delivered the closing remarks.

Once again, congratulations to SDO San Juan headed by Dr. Cecille G. Carandang, School Division Superintendent for taking the challenge in hosting the Regional Consultative Meeting in the Implementation on the Transition Programs for Learners with Disability.

Article written by:


SpEd Teacher I

Pinaglabanan Elementary School


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