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San Juan City Science High School Boy Scouts Help Clean Up the Dolomite Beach

In celebration of International Coastal Clean-Up Day last September 16, 2023, San Juan City Science High School Boy Scouts took part in a cleanup drive right on the coast of Dolomite Beach, Manila. Around twenty-eight (28) Senior Scouts and twelve (12) Adult Leaders from San Juan Associate Council took part in the clean-up effort led by Scouter Domingo C. Bruno WBH/CML from San Juan National High School and Scouter Catalino A. Camayra WBH/OA from San Juan City Science High School through the guidance and support of Scout Executive Scouter Rommel E. Manal, ALT, BMC. Senior Scouts from San Juan City Council roamed the bay and collected trash from the seashore and its waters while other government agencies and private sectors, youth volunteers, civic groups, and civil society joined in the activities.  This clean-up drive aimed to fight for a trash-free ocean and to help clean the seas and oceans through volunteerism and emphasize their life-giving importance to humans.

Signed by former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in 2003, Presidential Proclamation No. 470 declares the third Sunday of September of each year as International Coastal Clean-Up Day in observance of the Global Coastal Clean-Up celebrations. The international clean-up drive was a global initiative dedicated to addressing the ocean population through beach and waterway clean-up. The theme for this year's ICC was “Clean Seas for Healthy Fisheries” which aligned closely with the objectives of the United Nations (UN) Ocean Decade Challenge 3 which is to “Sustainably Feed the Global Population”.

Boy Scout of the Philippines, San Juan City Associate Council in action during the International Clean-Up Drive right on the coast of Dolomite Beach, Manila.

San Juan City Science High School Scouts were able to collect more than 15 sacks of plastic waste and garbage. The collected waste encompassed a spectrum of items including cigarette butts, beverage bottles, food wrappers, bottle caps, grocery bags, food containers, cups and plates, sanitary napkins, sachets, straws, plastics and stirrers, washed-out water hyacinth, and tree branches. The collected wastes were turned over to the DENR for proper disposal.

The scout volunteers shared their experiences and reported that they felt a sense of pride in contributing towards saving the environment. They also said that it helped develop a sense of responsibility among themselves in taking care of the environment and a sense of belongingness even in the smallest way just to protect the environment.

It is high time that the youth is encouraged to make a difference in taking care of and creating a positive impact on the environment. Congratulations to the Scouters for a job well done!

San Juan City Science High School Boy Scouts Help Clean Up the Dolomite Beach

Article Written by:

Melchor M. Odi

Teacher III - San Juan City Science High School


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