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San Juan City Conducts Learning Camp To Enhance Learning Outcomes

In harmony with the MATATAG Basic Education Agenda intended to address learning loss, the Department of Education (DepEd) commenced the National Learning Camp (NLC) during the 2022-2023 End-of-School Year. The goal is to achieve improved learning outcomes from the selected learners.

The program sprung from DepEd Order No. 014 s. 2023 which sets policy and guidelines for its implementation. The learners, based on their specific needs, shall be enrolled in one of three (3) camps: Enhancement Camp, Consolidation Camp, or Intervention camp from which the schools must choose. The enhancement Camp enriches learning for advanced learners by providing greater depth, breadth, and complexity of learning area competencies while Consolidation Camp provides further practice on the application of previously taught competencies. The intervention Camp, on the other hand, supports learners who are yet to grasp Foundation Mathematics and Foundation English Skills. San Juan Elementary School and the rest of the schools were able to organize the consolidation camp based on the specific needs of their learners.

It is noteworthy to mention that the SDO San Juan recognized the critical role of teachers in improving learning outcomes and at the same time, respecting their right to take a rest during the academic break as the SDO San Juan reiterated the voluntary participation of teachers pursuant to DepEd Order No.14 s.2023 or the Policy Guidelines on the implementation of the National Learning Camp. It also emphasized that non-participation in the NLC shall not be taken against them in any manner.

The NLC is a voluntary program designed to help teachers advance their teaching skills and knowledge, as well as to provide them with resources to help their students recover from their learning losses. It is conducted in a non-formal classroom manner but with fun and engaging activities that will help learners improve their academic skills, their socio-emotional skills, personal growth, and character development. Teachers were trained to use a variety of methods to deliver instruction, including blended learning, peer tutoring, and project-based learning in which the materials were provided to the teachers. The NLC is a significant activity lead by DepEd to address the learning losses experienced by students during the pandemic. It is anticipated that the NLC will help learners recover their learning and be better prepared for the upcoming school year.

Here are some of the benefits of the National Learning Camp:

  • It provides learners with an opportunity to catch up on their learning on the learning loss.

  • It offers a variety of engaging activities that will help them improve their academic skills, as well as their socio-emotional skills, personal growth, and character development.

  • It provides teachers with the opportunity to use methods they learned from the training and to deliver the same in the upcoming school year.

  • It creates a healthy atmosphere that helps learners relax and enjoy their learning experience.

The teachers who participated in the program were Mrs. Evelyn B. Tejada, Mrs. Belen R. Dizor, Mrs. Lorife Jean L. Viesca, Mrs. Salvacion A. Medina, Mrs. Ofelia M. Marasigan, Mrs. Esperanza M. Britanico, and Mrs. Reneliza A. Cabanez, headed by School head Dr. Lucila G. Artuyo. They reported that they learned new teaching methods and strategies and became more prepared to help their students recover from their learning losses. Also, they gained access to resources and had the opportunity to discover new teaching strategies that may suit the learning needs of their incoming learners.

The first week of NLC became a challenge as to how teachers deliver the instructions due to bad weather. Notwithstanding the circumstance, teachers still managed to deliver the learning instructions using online communication and face-to-face delivery mode for the pupils who managed to attend the class despite the weather condition. Overall, the National Learning Camp was a worthwhile experience for teachers and learners. It is an example of how educators can use innovative programs to address the learning challenges in the teaching and learning process. Teachers are grateful for the opportunity to participate in the program as they were able to help the struggling learners even during academic break. It is a valuable experience that helped them upgrade skills and confidence as educators and they are looking forward to utilizing the strategies and methods applied during the conduct of NLC.

Article Written by:

Mark John Ortiz

Teacher III - San Juan Elementary School


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