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Rotaract Club San Juan conducts Urban Gardening Project: Let’s Go Grow!

The Rotaract Club of PUP – San Juan College of Education in partnership with Rotary Club of San Juan Neopolitan, is committed to helping the community in any way it can. One of their initiatives is to promote urban gardening in schools. The club works with local schools and organizations to provide resources and guidance in setting up urban gardens. This time, they have conducted a project seminar entitled Let’s Go Grow! in San Juan City Academic Senior High School with Supreme Student Government as their attendees on April 24, 2023. The project is set to enhance the understanding of the general public’s reaction to environmental development as well as maintaining a green and healthy environment. Rotaract Club San Juan donated planting supplies and equipment’s to San Juan City Academic Senior High School that will be the starting line as we move forward to a greener world. This helps to teach the students about the importance of sustainability and encourages them to take an active role in their own health and wellbeing.

As we move forward, urban gardening is becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages, and the Supreme Student Government is a great way to get involved in this growing trend. Through the Supreme Student Government, students can take part in urban gardening initiatives that bring communities together and promote environmental sustainability. Students can help organize and participate in urban gardening projects, such as creating community gardens or green spaces. Working together with teachers, local businesses, and other student groups, students can build and maintain a thriving urban garden.

Mr. Jerry Solis from CENRO of San Juan City was there to speak about this growing trend. He shared incredible knowledge on how to start with urban gardening and gave tips on how to continuously take care of your urban garden even at home. He discussed on how to create your own compost bin in schools and even at home. Additionally, Mr. Solis said that in order for your urban garden to survive, first you must have the patience, and that people should take time to really take care of the plants. Lastly, did you know that there is an effective way of watering your plants? Mr. Solis advised everyone in the seminar that when watering the plants, you must leave the water overnight to kill the chlorine. If you ever wonder why your seedlings do not survive, this is probably one of the reasons. He also added that newly planted seeds should be kept at a room temperature and not be placed under direct sunlight, and the seeds should be refrigerated or they will go to waste.

As we ended the seminar, Dr. Rina A. Angeles stated how urban gardens not only provide fresh, healthy produce to the community, but also create a sense of pride. Additionally, it is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals for Global Education. Goal 1 is to end poverty in all its forms everywhere. Goal 2 is to end hunger, achieve food security, and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. Goal 13, to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact. Lastly, Goal 15 which is to protect, restore, and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. Dr. Angeles reiterated that the future generation should instill these goals in their minds and life.

Written by:

Cristine Francel Pimentel

San Juan City Academic Senior High School - Teacher I


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