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Project LLOYD - Tulay sa Language Literacy

Reading English sentences is one thing, understanding the grammar rules is another thing. Learning the English language is challenging and difficult especially when English is barely used at home, even more so, when the pupils are not accustomed to it. Consequently, pupils will have a hard time learning it as well as the complicated grammar rules for accurate usage. As a result, Project LLOYD Learning Language in Your Duo-lingo – Tulay sa Language Literacy is launched as it seeks to address the alarming significant numbers of elementary learners going to high school who do not have mastery of basic grammar rules. Most of these pupils were unable to acquire a thorough understanding of the rules in the early stage because the grammar rules were written in English which were difficult for the non-native speakers of the language (especially in public schools) to comprehend.

Project LLOYD Learning Language in Your Duo-lingo - Tulay sa Language Literacy is derived from the name of school head of San Juan Elementary School, Dr. Lloyd T. Tulaylay, who became the inspiration of the proponent in creating the same to contribute not only to the school but to the society itself, knowing that the Philippines is known around the world as an English speaking country so it warrants firm support from the ground. Project LLOYD was first introduced and implemented at San Juan Elementary School in the class of Ms. Mary Joy Famero. She distributed the materials to her grade one special science class in the hope for a significant difference in their performance. Prior to the said distribution, their pre-test yielded very low scores and only a couple of her pupils passed. She subsequently distributed the materials in soft copy form which can be viewed by her pupils in their android tablets. After a few months, the post test was administered and there was a significant increase in the test’s scores. (See the tables below)



It could be concluded that the said learning material made the English grammar rules easy to understand by non-native speakers because they were written and explained well in both Filipino and English languages. This enabled them to have a complete and simple way of understanding the rules to be able to speak and write grammatically correct sentences.

Project LLOYD – Tulay sa English language literacy is in consonance with the Most Essential Learning Competencies (MELC). It is in a form of bilingual learning material in which students of the language can learn English literacy in two languages - English and Filipino, for a better understanding and appreciation of the English grammar rules. Simply put, this material focuses on teaching English grammar rules using the first language for the learners’ better understandiwwwwwng and giving them strong foundation in English grammar rules. It can be used by learners of all ages, and teachers as well, to polish their English grammar usage.

For free soft copy, message the author at his personal email:

Article Written by:

Mark John G. Ortiz

Teacher I

San Juan Elementary School


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