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PES partners with the Ayala Foundation to advance digital education through <code it>

In today’s digital age, technology has become an essential tool in education. The use of digital resources has transformed the way learners learn and the way educators teach. Digital experts play a pivotal role in developing and providing these resources to enhance learning. Collaborating with digital experts can provide opportunities for educators to improve their teaching practices and make learning more engaging for their learners.

On March 22, 2023, Ayala Foundation Incorporation launched its workshop and orientation for SCRATCH at Pinaglabanan Elementary School as part of its initiative to strengthen the partnership in providing digital education. Scratch is a digital application that learners can use to learn in more engaging and interactive ways.

One of the special features of the digital application can be used for programming educational online games and stories which is substantial in creating educational activities relevant to the curriculum. Moreover, learners can also make animations for various characters, manipulate sounds and effects and graphics, different characters and even backgrounds to make their lessons more engaging and interactive. This application is paramount to the learning engagement of the learners since it creates a visually appealing application that motivates learners to participate in class discussions. In addition, gadgets and the high-speed INTERNET from the Local Government Unit of San Juan City made this training possible headed by the current local executive Hon. Francis Zamora.

The workshop was facilitated by two well-rounded educators of <CODE/IT>, Ayala Foundation in the name of Mr. Benneth Emmanuel Ulibarri and Ms. Dianne Stella Villarey. The Grades Three and Four Special Science Classes were the prime beneficiaries of this activity together with their respective teachers.

The following are the teachers who were present during the workshop.

Magdalena S. Rosopa, Junel P. Maximo, Angela ,Jean B. Calvo, Maffy Cruz and Kimberly Sanchez

The active engagement of learners and teachers during the workshop and orientation

To guarantee that the partnership between teachers and digital experts is successful, it is imperative to establish clear objectives and expectations. Both parties ought to have a shared understanding of what they expect to achieve through collaboration.

To conclude, partnerships between teachers and digital experts can be a powerful tool for advancing digital education. For combined endeavors, educators and digital experts can design effective and engaging learning experiences that provide and uphold the diverse needs of learners. Hence, it is crucial to establish clear objectives and expectations, maintain regular communication, and prioritize the privacy and security of student data to ensure successful collaborations. With this endeavor, partnerships between educators and digital experts can transform digital education and equip learners for the challenges of the current situations.

Article Written by:

Junel P. Maximo

Teacher I - Pinaglabanan Elementary School


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