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Pedro Cruz Elementary School Recognized as Most Commendable Numeracy Project: A Triumph Amid Educational Challenges

When Pedro Cruz Elementary School walked the stage during the 2023 Gawad Pinaglabanan Awarding Ceremony, it was more than simply an award; it was an evidence of pertinacity and ingenuity in education. The school's persistent commitment to developing numeracy skills amid the post-COVID educational setting earned them the distinction of Most Commendable Numeracy Project of the 2022-2023 academic year in OB Montessori, Greenhills, San Juan City, on November 24, 2023, during the Gawad Pinaglabanan Awarding Ceremony.

The difficulties were apparent—a combination of online and in-person classes produced hindrances such as intermittent internet, distractions at home, and excessive screen time, resulting in substantial gaps in mathematical skills among students. In response to the evident challenges, the Department of Education in the National Capital Region (DepEd-NCR) took a proactive step. They introduced the Amplified Numeracy Assessment (ANA). The initiative aimed to improve teaching methods by evaluating math proficiency and tailoring approaches to bridge skill gaps effectively.

Pedro Cruz Elementary School introduced Project R.A.C.E.: e-MDAS that deeply engages with fundamental math skills. Simultaneously, DepEd-NCR rolled out the Program for Advancing Literacy in Mathematics (PALM) Phase 1 and the T.O.F.A.S. evaluation, pinpointing interventions, especially in grades 3 to 6.

Unfortunately, there were some challenges along the way. A need for more volunteer teachers posed a challenge. The school redesigned its program to suit the student's needs better. Their solution? Integrate interventions into Friday math lessons, complemented by peer-teaching sessions for struggling students, flexible enough to adjust to weather conditions and class durations.

Still, more challenges emerged—extracurricular activities, large class sizes, and a hurried teaching pace posed additional challenges to individualized attention.

The numeracy project, implemented in conjunction with the school's Learning Recovery and Continuity Plan (L.R.C.P.), successfully addressed students' learning gaps in mathematics. The program had a strong impact across all grade levels, as shown by a significant increase in post-test scores. The most substantial growth was observed in Grade 4 students, with an increment percentage of approximately 94.17%, indicating a highly positive impact on their academic achievements.

At the heart of this success lay prioritizing fundamental abilities, nurturing learning environments, and peer-led teaching. This approach raised mathematical skills and conveyed a lifelong love of learning in students.

Pedro Cruz Elementary School's recognition as the Most Commendable Numeracy Project Award recipient speaks volumes about their determination, innovation, and commitment to achieving educational excellence.

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Teacher III - Pedro Cruz Elementary School


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