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PCES learners commemorate UN Day with a parade of cultural costumes

On Monday, October 23, 2023, learners of Pedro Cruz Elementary School (PCES) dressed up in national costumes from several countries to commemorate United Nations Day to increase learners' worldwide understanding and respect.

Learners dressed like people from Japan, India, Germany, the Philippines, South Korea, the United States, and other countries. They introduced themselves to the audience while displaying their costumes. The three police officers who attended the morning flag ceremony rated the performances.

Mrs. Charina O. Parangat, Officer-in-charge for the week, delivered the opening remarks. She discussed the history and relevance of the United Nations, a group of countries that work together to promote peace, human rights, and collaboration. She stated that the United Nations was a day to honor the world’s diversity and solidarity.

Janaih Vie M. Antonio, a Grade 1 learner who donned a Filipiniana, said she enjoyed the event because it was both enjoyable and educational. She stated that she had learned more about other countries. She expressed her gratitude for being a part of such a diverse and united community.

Another participant, Lucas Alexander Daria, dressed in Indian dhoti Kurtas, said he enjoyed the event because it was colorful and exciting. He stated that he enjoyed presenting himself to his schoolmates as well as watching other students dress up in costumes. He expressed his pride at being a part of the event.

Everyone applauded when the ceremony came to a close. The learners and teachers then conversed with one another. They discussed their reactions to the event and thanked each other for participating. They all agreed that they had a great time celebrating United Nations Day.

Key Stage 2 participants

Some of the Key Stage 1 participants

Article Written by:

Maria Elena C. Alunday

Master Teacher II - Pedro Cruz Elementary School


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