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Nurturing Hope through Books: National Reading Month Celebration at PES

On December 1, 2023, the vibrant halls of Pinaglabanan Elementary School (PES) echoed with the joy of learning and the magic of literature as the school celebrated the culminating activity of National Reading Month with the theme "Pagbasa: Pag-asa sa Matatag na Kinabukasan”. The event aimed to instill a love for reading and literacy in the hearts of learners. The program started with an Opening Remarks by the principal, Mr. Vito L. Mengote. He emphasized the pivotal role of reading in shaping the future of every learner, noting that the ability to read is not just a skill but a gateway to a brighter and more resilient tomorrow. Mengote encouraged pupils to embrace the world of books, emphasizing that literacy is the cornerstone of academic success and personal growth. His words served as a rallying call for a school community united in the pursuit of knowledge.

Book Parade by Kindergarten, Grade III, and SPED Pupils

The celebration kicked off with a lively and colorful book parade, featuring the creativity of Kindergarten, Grade III, and Special Education (SPED) pupils. Dressed as characters from their favorite stories, the pupils paraded through the school grounds, transforming the event into a moving tapestry of the literary imagination.

Storytelling and Poem Recitation by Grades III and IV Pupils

Yeshua Guarino, a Grade IV pupil, took the stage with a captivating storytelling session that showcased not only his reading skills but also his ability to engage an audience. Yeshua's animated narration brought the chosen story to life, capturing the attention and imagination of his fellow pupils. The celebration continued with Grade III pupils stepping into the spotlight with heartfelt and eloquent poem recitations. The pupils expressed themselves through carefully chosen words, infusing emotion and creativity into their performances.

Rhyme Reading and Jazz Chant by Kindergarten and Grade IV Pupils

The Kindergarten pupils, with their infectious enthusiasm, brought a delightful energy to the celebration through rhyme reading. The young learners recited playful and rhythmic verses, showcasing their early literacy skills in a fun and interactive manner. On the other hand, Grade IV pupils added a dynamic and rhythmic element to the National Reading Month celebration with an energetic jazz chant performance. Through synchronized movements and expressive chants, the pupils showcased not only their linguistic abilities but also their coordination and teamwork. The jazz chant performance demonstrated that literature can be experienced and expressed in diverse and engaging ways.


Interpretation Dance and Story Play by Grades I and II

The Grade II pupils added a visual and artistic dimension to the celebration with an interpretation dance performance. Through graceful movements and expressive gestures, the pupils conveyed the emotions and themes inspired by literature. The exuberant participants in the celebration, Grade I pupils, showcased their creativity through an adorable story play. Through simple yet engaging dramatizations, the children brought a selected story to life, demonstrating their understanding and interpretation of narrative elements.

Speech Choir and Reader's Theatre by Grades V and VI Pupils

The Grade VI pupils took the stage with a powerful speech choir performance, combining elements of speech and choral expression. The pupils delivered a compelling presentation that explored the theme of hope and the transformative power of reading. The celebration reached its pinnacle with a thought-provoking reader's theater performance by Grade V pupils. Through scripted readings and dramatic interpretations, they engaged the audience in a literary journey that emphasized the importance of hope, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge. The reader's theatre activity showcased their ability to convey nuanced emotions and complex narratives, demonstrating a deep connection with the chosen literary piece.

Some of the literary pieces performed by talented pupils

Magdalena S. Rosopa, a figure of significance in the school community, delivered closing remarks that summarized the essence of the National Reading Month celebration. She expressed gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of the event, acknowledging the dedication of learners, teachers, parents, and community members. Rosopa highlighted the enduring impact of promoting a culture of reading, emphasizing that it not only enriches individual lives but also strengthens the foundation of a knowledgeable and empowered society.

The National Reading Month celebration at Pinaglabanan Elementary School was a resounding success, fostering a love for reading and literacy among pupils. The diverse activities showcased the talents and creativity of the pupils, emphasizing the profound impact of reading on personal development and the collective strength of a community. As the school continues to prioritize literacy, events like these serve as a testament to the enduring power of words in shaping the minds and futures of the next generation. The celebration not only highlighted the joy of reading but also underscored the importance of inclusivity, creativity, and community engagement in the pursuit of knowledge.

Article Written by:


Junel P. Maximo

Teacher I - Pinaglabanan Elementary School


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