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As a Master teacher, I have worked with different principals. They all left impact to my professional growth and development. But among them, only Sir Demie made my heart scream his name. Sir Demie S. Atienza was my former principal. He worked so hard and had done great things in our school. For me, he is not just Sir Demie but Sir Demmmmiiiie! He is the D Epitome of a Matured, Meticulous, Merry, Munificent, Indefatigable, Impressive, Influential, and Intense, Employee of SDO San Juan City.

Epitome. He is the epitome of a modern principal. Always full of life, of energy, and of brilliant ideas. When I become a principal someday, I’d always keep in mind the precious experiences and learning I had with him.

Matured. He always treated us with respect, kindness, and consideration. The same manner he wanted us to treat others. He is so mindful of his words, actions, and decisions. He knows how to choose words and approach that best suits a particular matter. He knows how to carry himself in different situations. I have witnessed how he effectively managed his stress and anger at work. He performs administrative tasks and supervisorial functions well. He can deliver firm decisions regardless of how his day has been. I admire how he communicates with parents and other stakeholders. I have witnessed how intelligent and witty he is in discussing things and in handling serious matters.

Meticulous. He is detail-oriented. He reads every word, sentence per sentence in the documents that we submit to him. He checks everything, as if he still has more time to spare. He ensures that all activities are carefully planned and the implementation is carried out as smooth as possible.

Merry. Who doesn’t know his humor? He is known as a jolly and light-spirited man. He can light up even the darkest room with his laugh. He is like a magnet who can draw people together. He brings so much joy to the conversation that you wouldn’t mind the time at all.

Munificent. This I love most about him. He is a munificent giver especially his precious time. He has always been supportive of my academic and extracurricular pursuits. Despite his busy schedule, he is more than willing to listen and guide me whenever I ask help. He generously shares his knowledge and wisdom. He even prepared meals for us. People in school are always grateful for his time and generosity.

Indefatigable. He is a principal, part-time instructor, businessman and many more. Yes, he is a certified workaholic. In school, he seems like he never runs out of good ideas. During the pandemic, he gladly said YES to the challenge of being the first school in our Division and the whole of NCR to implement the Pilot Face-to-Face classes. Our roof deck now has audio booth, installed projector, and electric fans around the area. Our classrooms and comfort rooms had been repaired. Our school is one of the few that has CCTV cameras installed. Whew! Through his impeccable character and strengthened partnership with our stakeholders, his goals are always achieved with the maximum results possible.

Impressive. In just ten (10) years in DepEd, he was able to rise from the ranks. We first met when we both applied for Teacher I in the year 2012. He became an Education Program Specialist II in Monitoring and Evaluation in 2015, Planning Officer III in 2017, Assistant Principal II and OIC – Principal in 2020, and now Principal I in just one take on NQESH. Isn’t that impressive?

Influential. He certainly is! He can get things done by being a good leader. His influence on people is strongly felt. He is an excellent speaker and motivator and his words translate into actions. His influence has motivated people to believe in themselves and do their best. Teachers initiated activities and programs that gave learners more opportunities to enjoy school and to harness their potentials. Student leaders came up with activities that their schoolmates got involved in. Parent-officers became bolder and their hard work has become more visible.

Intense. He is definitely an intense man who is passionate about his job. He demonstrates the importance of hard work and dedication. He always worked hard to improve our school and made it a better place for everyone. (One who passes by Pedro Cruz ES can tell the difference). I’m pretty sure he is as this intense in his family and love life.

Two years of working with him made me realize that he is a friend whom I can always count on. I am grateful to work with such a caring, committed, dedicated, and supportive School Principal. He has made a positive impact on my life and the lives of the people in Pedro Cruz. One thing for sure, everyone who works with sir Demie will scream his name as I do. For us, he is not just Sir Demie but sir Demmmmiiiie!

Article Written by:

Maria Elena C. Alunday

Pedro Cruz Elementary School -Master Teacher II


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