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As the COVID-19 Pandemic runs its course, DepEd Offices and schools are implementing measures that limit the number of people transacting with them. Such measures have disrupted their normal operation. Because the duration of such measures has been extensive, schools and offices have put in place alternative methods to continue with their service that will make a safe working environment.

In pursuit of its mandate, Nicanor C. Ibuna Elementary School (NIES) continuously improves its service with access to digital devices and the internet. NIES launched its online guidance service, the “e-guidance portal” through the initiative of the guidance designate, this portal will free up the school capacities and resources and supports the students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The e-guidance portal is a collection of relevant resources and data that are accessible to teachers and other stakeholders for their perusal. Aside from that, online guidance services are also available which consist of the following:


- encourages learners-clients to send their concerns including information related to academic and non-academic services thru;

2. e-TAWAG o e-TEXT MO

- with the official contact number of Guidance Designate, the Guidance Office invites and encourages clients to send concerns, via text / SMS or direct call.

3. e-REQUEST-and-RELEASE (Good Moral Certificate and other pertinent documents/data)

- per request via email or messenger- by which the client can request any document online, regardless of distant location or residence, without the need to personally come to the office.

- school data and other resources related to Guidance are also accessible thru;


- sets a link- appointment or scheduled time to meet with the client who needs counseling (by Request/ Appointment) via Zoom or Google Meet as referred by his/her teacher.

Article written by:

Lourdes Victoria M. Claor (Nicanor Ibuna Elementary School)


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