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“Module Legends” somehow, somewhere, one had seen or heard that phrase before. For others, it was amusing, and for some, it was otherwise. Was the phrase a mere joke, a mockery, or a call out? Perhaps, it could be all given how the world was greatly affected by the pandemic.

The different sectors of government, including education, were stretched to fit the New Normal. The system had gone through a lot in a short period and had come to great lengths to uphold its mission. Metro Manila, despite being the center of the government, economy and education were not ready for it. Unavailability of gadgets and poor internet connection were just two of the factors that conflicted with its mandate to deliver quality education to the learners. With that, Department of Education (DepEd) crafted the Basic Education Learning Continuing Plan (BE-LCP) that featured different learning modalities to ensure safety among the different stakeholders. Prior to the formal opening of classes in October, 2020, the Central Office provided the policy direction in order for the field offices and schools all over the country to strategize their implementation of distance education to their respective jurisdiction. San Juan City is lucky to have people with a viable support system that could adhere and be faithful to the sworn mandate of DepEd. Gadgets were distributed, intranet infrastructures were installed, and localized materials were developed and produced to address the problems that emerged with the global health crisis. But still, different challenges were encountered, specifically, in distributing and retrieving the modules.

First was the lack of printed modules. Teachers tend to print self-learning materials to complete the number of modules to be distributed to the learners. Teachers had to use the soft copy of modules from the SDO-San Juan Portal and send the same to the learners.

Second was the majority of the parents did not follow their assigned schedule in getting and retrieving the modules. This resulted in the unnecessary reporting to schools of teachers as they went back and forth just so they could entertain the parents. This was such a huge health risk for them given the circumstances of the COVID-19 infection.

Third and lastly was the late delivery of modules from the service providers which oftentimes, caused the stress to the teachers as they needed to reproduce the modules themselves for the modular learners. It also meant that the late modules would just pile up in the school and would no longer be usable for the time being.

However, as an educator, it is important to deliver quality education to the learners despite the lapses mentioned. In the experience of Pedro Cruz ES, the teachers rose to the challenges and adopted to the new system with collaboration and good communication channels as the key to champion the cause for quality education amidst the pandemic.

Article written by:

Micah M. Melorin - Teacher III (Pedro Cruz Elementary School)

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