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MAPEH CLUB MONTH: Separated Physically, Connected Virtually

MAPEH is an academic subject that develops creativity and life skills of students. It is enjoyable, builds self-confidence and improves one’s health and fitness. And, it is important for the development of a holistic health and well-being of all ages”

The MAPEH club of San Juan City Science High School administered the celebration for the month of MAPEH. The jubilation started last February 22, 2022, and officially ended on April 28, 2022, after the club's closing program video was released. In the span of two months, the club gave a whole new experience to all JuanSci students, as they officiated three special events to let the student body share their prowess and talents.

MAPEH Club is composed of a committee led by the Club President, Ms. Crystal Lyn Pogoy, alongside Mr. Andrei Somera, the Club Vice President. The club was under great supervision and guidance of the Club moderators and advisers namely, Mr. Joseph G. Gallos, Mr. Eduardo Tungul III, and Mr. Marlon Dalde.With concrete plans, the club organized 3 big events for the whole MAPEH month celebration. The club officers hosted all the activities from registration 'till the end. The said events are the JuanSci Hymn Composition Contest, Online Zumba Competition, and the JuanSci MAPEH Club E-Sports (MLBB and CODM Tournament).

JuanSci MAPEH Club eSports is the biggest, anticipated and the most challenging activity that the club did. The JuanSci MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) and CODM (Call of Duty Mobile) Tournament are the very first official eSports that SJCSHS had. Therefore, it is indeed difficult due to new adjustments and because of the long duration of this event. The tournament was held for over 3 weeks. This was planned and launched by the club to let the students have fun while taking part in an important event. The participant's line-up of 5 main and 2 reserved players, for both tournaments, is gathered in a form of registration. The club officers live-streamed the games from elimination to finals on their Facebook page to let the audience watch the game, and to keep them notified about the action during the game. After numerous arduous extermination, JYRS Intranational won the MLBB Tournament meanwhile, AVES triumphed in CODM Tournament.

Online Zumba Competition was prepared by the club to allow JuanSci students to yield their talents in dancing and making choreographies. Competitors are required to have at least 3 members with no maximum member limit. They had the choice to choose their song and choreograph their Zumba. Within the registration period, 14 groups registered. Their entries are collected by the club via Google drive. And out of the 14 entries, Grade 9-Zoology, Grade 9-Andromeda, and Grade 8-Astronomy won the Zumba Competition's 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, respectively.

To test the talents of those who are musically inclined, the MAPEH club also launched the JuanSci Hymn Composition Contest. Contestants composed a one to two-minute hymn that the school could utilize as an official school hymn. As the club requires, they provided their self-made lyrics and a video demo of their song. And with the great assessing skills of the judges, group 1 won among the 5 entries.

The students of JuanSci , as well as, the MAPEH club proved the statement claimed by the MAPEH Club themselves on their Facebook page — "Separated Physically, Connected Virtually." Notwithstanding the virus, the distance, and the technical difficulties each has encountered in each event — none of these stopped the students from showing their abilities and capabilities. Everyone evidently had fun during the celebration of the month of MAPEH.

To further know more about MAPEH Club and what happened during the MAPEH month, you could visit their Facebook page, JuanSci MAPEH Club.







Written by: Joseph G. Gallos

Teacher I San Juan City Science High School

Eduardo C. Tungul III

Teacher I San Juan City Science High School


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