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Macro View IT Solutions installs twelve CCTV cameras in SES

With the initiative of the Barangay Salapan Council led by Barangay Captain Charles “Ayie” D. Tejoso in partnership with Macro View IT Solutions, the installation of 12 CCTV cameras in Salapan Elementary School happened. The said project, which was expected to be completed in a week, started on Friday, July 1, 2022.

To ensure the safety of the entire school community most especially the pupils, the barangay officials have planned this project since June. They were aware that with a safe environment, the learners could concentrate in their studies, thus, making learning easy and enjoyable.

“It is my pleasure and honor to secure the students of Salapan Elementary School,” Barangay Captain Ayie said.

Salapan Elementary School has always been child – friendly and conducive to learning. The teaching and the non – teaching personnel do their best to offer quality education to their clientele.

Being asked how the installation of the CCTV cameras can help the institution in realizing its vision and doing its mission, SES principal, Mrs. Florence C. Ares had this to say, “Our school is a learner – centered school and we must make our environment friendly and safe not only for them but for all – the teaching and the non-teaching staff, stakeholders, and visitors. The CCTVs serve as a monitoring tool especially for the activities of the learners. The cameras are placed strategically where the learners’ activities and movements can be captured without violating their rights. By monitoring, we can address immediately if there are untoward incidents that may occur, if children are not behaving properly outside the classrooms. Children are mischievous and so active that sometimes accidents or bullying happens. With the presence of the CCTVs, we can be confident of the safety of our learners.”

Appreciative of the dedicated service and undoubtedly great contribution of the Barangay Salapan Council spearheaded by Barangay Captain Charles D. Tejoso to education, Mrs. Ares gave this message, “To our dear barangay captain, Hon. Charles D. Tejoso and to the members of the Barangay Council, our heartfelt gratitude not only for providing the school the CCTVs but also for all the support you have extended to us especially during the height of the pandemic. We know that you will continuously support Salapan Elementary School, your dear alma mater. And know that we are very proud of you; you’re an exceptional and effective leader. We are also here to support you and all your projects for the barangay. Mabuhay po kayo.”

Article Written by:

Marivic T. De Ocampo

Salapan Elementary School Teacher


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