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Local Internet – Based Registration for ALS

In the Philippines, the government needed to close schools last March 9, 2020 one-month prior the usual end of term. Prematurely ending the school year, almost 25 million students were affected and the unusual postponement of the typical start of the 2020-2021 academic year from June became end of August, due to concerns COVID-19 scare. As cases are still increasing, coursework will remain by distance only.

COVID-19 is also affecting the Alternative Learning System (ALS), which is the government’s program to respond to the needs of those who are unable to continue in formal education through alternative, flexible learning pathways. This program typically combines self-paced study with in-p derson instruction by teachers in Community Learning Centers (CLC). Currently, it provides over 800,000 learners annually with a vital second chance and alternative pathway to complete their basic education. In the context of COVID-19, UNICEF is supporting learning continuity not only for formal education but also the non-formal ALS program which focuses on reaching the most vulnerable and marginalized children and youth.

SDO San Juan City, thru the Alternative Learning System, finds a new way in promoting the program amidst of the COVID-19 pandemic. The “ALS Online Registration” in SDO San Juan started on March 2020 in lieu of the community mapping and house to house advocacy campaign of the ALS Program. This is a remarkable innovation of Mr. Erwin C. Dela Cruz, Education Program Specialist II – ALS, because only two divisions in the National Capital Region namely; SDO San Juan and SDO Paranaque, started this new way of collecting data of potential ALS learners. In this regard, this innovation has a positive outcome because the ALS Implementers of SDO San Juan didn’t have difficulty in terms of data collection and program campaign. All the ALS Implementers posted the ALS Online Registration link in their respective Academic Facebook Account so that the CLCs and other partners can share it as well, in their respective official social media accounts. It’s an easy access to all potential ALS learners. The ALS Online Registration will continue for the succeeding school years.

If you haven’t tried accessing and even registering using the Online forms, there’s no better time than now. Moreover, most of the offices found out that this is the most convenient way as we attempt to comply with the Physical Distancing orders for the past two years.

COVID-19 or not, online registrations/forms are more convenient and efficient for learners and teachers because it can be accomplished at home using their desktop, tablet or mobile phone rather that at the school or office.

Article Written by:

Erwin C. dela Cruz

Education Program Specialist II – ALS

Division ALS Focal Person

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