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LIBRARIES: A Haven of Education for All Ages

Athenaeums are sanctuaries of Athena in Athens, Greece that promote literacy and scientific learning. These are commonly referred to as libraries in our vernacular tongues. The bibliothecas provide a collection of varied sources of information made available to a defined community for borrowing or referencing. As Sidney Sheldon said, "Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve and contribute to improving our quality of life." Hence, we still need to nurture institutions: family, economy, religion, education, and government, that keep society structured and functioning to ensure the survival of the future with the use of information centers.

San Juan City Science High School “Juansci” Portal:

As the pandemic COVID-19 prevented us from going to physical libraries, gadgets connected to the internet saved us all. We had reckoned the accessibility of the information available on the web. Thus, learning resource coordinators and teacher librarians in San Juan City Science High School, Ms. Dyanarha Y. Musni and Ms. Joan Lenz G. Llanto, and the ICT coordinator, Christian A. De Guzman, took the initiative to use this convenience as leverage. E-library was born and was highly encouraged to be utilized thus, it became Juansci Learning Portal. We took advantage of the lavish sources from self-paced modules, DepEd TV video lessons, learning resources from the SDO, and other E-sources like E-textbooks and E-books.

Even though we are back to face-to-face classes, the Internet is still a very practical way to obtain information. However, physical libraries are also maintain open because having physical books on hand helps children less distracted to develop their fine motor skills and widening the tactile skills. It helps them too in staying focused which allows them to retain more information to their brain. Then, we employ a hybrid library system where students can still borrow books and read in the library while school portals are also used as a source of information. Several students frequently go to the library to 1.) complete assignments, 2.) conduct research, and 3.) read books in their free time. In addition to their favorite classrooms, this became their educational paradise. Furthermore, the abundance of categories in our catalog, made possible by the kind hearts of the founder of Caring Keri Foundation, Mrs. Keri Zamora, the first lady in San Juan City and Dr. Philip Rudge M. Arci from the Philippine Science High School, who donated Science and Math books and also for the students and teachers who lent reading books to our library, has drawn more philanthropists to the area.

Ultimately, it is evident that libraries won't go out of style. With the use of technology, the system will always get better. Hence, libraries in public schools need to be maintained and to be promoted as a safe environment and makerspace. This generation wants to live in settings that are more exciting and inspiring. In the future, libraries ought to be accessible to the public in every area. The significance of basic resources like books and the places where they are housed should be known too. In the same manner these libraries support the historical and factual knowledge that will be helpful to this country's future generations. The people should support libraries for these are essential for accessing knowledge and information. In the era of the digital revolution, innovation comes as standard; we can either welcome it or hold fast to the past in order to maximize our capacity for learning.

Article Written by:

Maria Corazon G. Ocampo

San Juan City Science High School - Teacher II


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