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LGU awards winners who won national and international competition

Every competition has a winner, and winners need to be recognized and be given appropriate awards for the fruit of their labor.

This was what the Local Government Unit (LGU) of San Juan did to the learners who won awards from national and international competition this school year 2021-2022. This is a great move by the LGU San Juan lead by Hon. Mayor Francis Javier Zamora as the motivation and encouragement to competitors and other learners to work harder in order to join and compete in different competition here and abroad.

This momentous event took place during the first flag raising ceremony in San Juan City Hall of the new set of San Juan LGU elected officials and the 2nd term of Hon. Mayor Francis Zamora, Vice Mayor Warren Villa and some city councilors last July 4, 2022 together with the key officials of DepEd San Juan headed by the Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Cecille G. Carandang, the Assistant Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado, CID Chief, Dr. Helen G.Padilla, SGOD Chief Dr. Domonigue T. Rivera, the Education Program Supervisors of the different learning areas and the principal of every school, which made this event possible even before the school year ended.

Onsite during this awarding ceremony were the following; Hon Mayor Francis Zamora who led the recognition of for the winners, Vice Mayor Warren Villa, SDS of SDO San Juan, Dr. Cecille Carandang, ASDS of SDO San Juan, Dr. Buenafe Sabado, EPS in Mathematics and School Head of San Juan City Science High School, Mrs. Helen S. Acedo, City Councilors from both district I and II, Barangay Captains from 11 barangays, coaches and parents of the awardees, some teachers in different schools, and the the section heads and employees of every department of San Juan City Hall.

Below is the list of the school, awardees, awards, coaches, and school heads

Mayor Francis J. Zamora proudly congratulated the learners, their parents, coaches and principals for the job well done that made San Juan City known nationwide and worldwide in the realm of Mathematics. The said awardees did their best to win in national and international competition in their own field of specialization.

Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, still the talents and skills of San Juan learners proved to be undeniable. When asked about how the parents supported their studies, the common replies were as follows: knowing the learners’ interest, practice constantly, concentration on the said contest, proper diet, enough rest, and an early start in their chosen field of specialization. True enough, these things resulted in the youth’s most recent victory.

The coaches also added that learners must not be forced to study. Like if they see that the students are tired already, they would no longer push for more practice exercises as this would only affect their concentration and performance in the contest they were preparing for. They also emphasized that contestants should review and use different strategies, approaches, and operations in order to work faster and more accurately.

This kind of event that recognizes learner’s ability by the joint effort of DepEd San Juan and the San Juan Local Government Unit can encourage parents to motivate and guide their children to study harder and engage in different contents locally or internationally. This matter most to the parents who could see the potentials in their kids at an early stage.

Before the event ended, Hon. Mayor Francis Zamora announced, “Lahat ng mga nanalo ay bibigyan ng cash incentives ng ating lungsod.” But as of press time, this remains to be subject to the discretion of the city council.

Thank you very much LGU San Juan and SDO San Juan for the effort you have done in supporting our elite learners from the different public elementary school, junior high school, and senior high school.

CONGRATIOLATIONS winners! I hope that you will continue with your journey of success and will be known as smart San Juan learners who give honor to your family, school, and community. Likewise, the same appreciation is extended to the parents of the awardees. Congratulations for the guidance which lead them to the victorious path!

I am encouraging students to study hard for their good future and for the parents to help their children to improve in their mental ability by starting them to study, review, engage, guide, and support the talents they had shown and noticed at their very young age.

The younger they will start, the better they will be. Once again, congratulations and God bless!

Article Written by:

Catalino A. Camayra

San Juan City Science High School - Teacher III


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