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Learning Effectively Through the Right Assessment

Learners await their assessment test during the learning camp.

Learning outcomes of the learners mark the efficiency of the teaching-learning process. Teachers use different tools in assessing the learnings of the students like summative tests, diagnostic assessments, formative assessments, norm-reference assessments, and others. These assessments of learning help the teachers gauge and summarize what learners know and understand in different learning areas in order for teachers to report on achievement and progress.

Effective feedback in assessment plays a pivotal role for teachers. It demonstrates whether or not the learners met the goal and discern whether the teaching and learning process is doing well or in need of change. Not only does effective assessment provides valuable information to support the learners’ growth, but it also enables teachers to reflect on their teaching methods.

Ms. R. Apurada, as she receives her certificate during the training-orientation for teachers on the CRLA and RMA Administration.

Conducting the assessment right is nothing but imperative. Pupils assessment is more than just grading. This way we can really help our learners improve their skills, and understand their strengths .and weaknesses. Knowing these will tell us, teachers, that we are on the right track.

The SDO-San Juan continues in seeking an avenue to help improve learners by capacitating the teachers through relevant and fruitful seminars. One of these is the recently concluded 2-day workshop/training on National Learning Camp on the Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment (CRLA) and the Rapid Math Assessment (RMA) Administration. Teachers actively participated in the simulation and gained so much understanding of conducting the proper assessment. We went back to our respective schools with smiles on our faces, geared toward the upcoming academic year.

Article Written by:

Rhia S. Apurada

Teacher III - Kabayanan Elementary School


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