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LCRP Phase V highlights M&E tools to improve program management

Math Supervisor Helen Acedo and English Supervisor Marnelli Tolentino were early birds for this activity.

The Schools Division Office (SDO) San Juan City participated in this activity where the Learning Continuity and Recovery Person (LCRP) Focal Persons, English Supervisor Marnelli B. Tolentino and Math Supervisor Helen S. Acedo, represented the division. They reported the initial gains and results gathered from the field using the different monitoring and evaluation tools given by the region. The workshop designed to use the templates given to make sense of the data on hand was able to give valuable insights to what could be done when the participants go back to their respective work stations. The reporting of others also helped in clarifying the expected results in the use of the M&E tools. During the meeting with the CID Chiefs, agreements were made in relation to the research journal to be published quarterly in the next fiscal year.

Snapshots of the slide deck discussed by the ABC + consultants reiterating the importance of Program Theory in managing the data gathered relative to the LCRP implementation. Likewise, the SEL components have been highlighted to challenge the school leaders to work on it.

The participants were given access to the resource package that contained the slide deck used in the sessions through the official FB page of the group that the consultants manage. It also helped that they made themselves available during the workshop proper where they entertained questions from the audience for better understanding on how the M&E tools could be used in helping inform instructional decisions. It also helped that the Program Management Team used QR codes to access the evaluation form and the certificate of participation to maximize the use of technology and foster ease of doing business.

English Supervisor Marnelli Tolentino is seen reporting the data as a result of the workshop conducted in Day 2.

Meanwhile, English Supervisor Marnelli B. Tolentino reported on the summary of the intervention programs implemented along the three priority areas articulated in the LCRP. It covered the instruction and learners’ performance, learning and development conducted, and budget utilization to accelerate gains. For the learners’ performance, it used the nomenclature of the CRLA tools grouping the learners according to grade ready, light refresher, moderate refresher, or full refresher categories. Improvement scores were marked from their pre-test up to the post-test assessment and ranked according to mean percentage score because there were only nine public elementary schools involved. There were components in the Learning and Development that showed the summary of the reaction and behaviors of school heads and teachers relative to the trainings conducted to facilitate the LCRP implementation. The budget allotment for these said activities were reported to see the cost effectiveness and efficiency of fund allocations in relation to the targets achieved in the specific time period. This comprises the data-evidence needed to measure how much each schools division is spending versus the targets being achieved as reported in their respective LCRP.

The school leaders rose up to the challenge of coming up with a research journal to be published quarterly to document the best practices conducted and gather valuable insights or narratives from the field. They made this commitment during the meeting of the Chief Education Supervisors of the Curriculum Implementation Division led by the Regional Supervisor for the Curriculum and Learning Management Division (CLMD) Chief Dr. Jennifer Vivas. The next phase is set on March 14-16, 2023 for another round of reporting using the M&E tools provided.

Article Written by:

Marnelli B. Tolentino

Education Program Supervisors - English

Helen S. Acedo

Education Program Supervisors - Math


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