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LCRP focals conduct debriefing session

KES School Head Hernanda R. Santos welcomed the participants to her school.

The Schools Division Office (SDO) San Juan City literacy focal persons Filipino Supervisor Eulafel C. Pascual and English Supervisor Marnelli B. Tolentino discussed the results of the Comprehensive Rapid Literacy Assessment (CRLA) Tool on December 6, 2022 at Kabayanan Elementary School (KES). The data was consolidated from the initial assessment scores in July 2022 up to the post literacy assessment in November 2022 through the facilitation of the designated division data scientist Anthony James H. Vizmanos who did statistical treatment to ensure that the progress reflected was sound and acceptable.

The key officials headed by Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Cecille G. Carandang and Assistant Schools Division Superintendent Dr. Buenafe E. Sabado attended the activity to show full support in the implementation of the Learning Continuity and Recovery Plan (LCRP). They communicated to the School Heads and School Reading Coordinators the importance of answering the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools provided by the region in order to capture relevant data that could illustrate the progress being made in the implementation of their intervention programs.

The division key officials were present to ensure that deliverables were thoroughly communicated and agreed with by the school heads.

Moreover, there was a run through of the tools that they needed to answer and accommodated questions from the audience for clarification. A dedicated portal in the Google Drive was created where the participants could harvest the tools and upload their filled-out sheets for ease of facilitation. All these would be consolidated in preparation for the regional reporting of LCRP Updates come December 12-14, 2022. The School Heads agreed to the timeline made in relation to the activities to be done for the LCRP Phase V updates. Meanwhile, the supervisors agreed to work on their respective M&E tools in the next phase of implementation and work it out with their partner schools to ensure compliance to the timeline and agreements made. Coordination meetings shall be made to remind the supervisors of their responsibilities in giving proper technical assistance to their partner School Heads.

Article Written by:

Marnelli B. Tolentino

Education Program Supervisors - English

Eulafel C. Pascual

Education Program Supervisor - Filipino

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