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KES soars with hybrid learning

We cannot set aside the distinctive rise of E-learning as part of the “new normal” using the digital platforms. Embracing these changes and challenges the Technical Team Hub of Kabayanan Elementary School composed of the ICT Coordinator, LR Coordinator, Technical Working Group and the Teacher Librarian, are working hand in hand to develop and sustain the Virtual Library and make it accessible to all learners.

Together with the proactive and innovative sector of education for the San Juaneños learners, our Local Government Unit, through the leadership of our supportive Mayor Francisco Javier M. Zamora, distributed tablets and laptops for all the learners and teachers. These were utilized during the online learning and administering different assessments such as the CRLA, ANA, and TOFAS as intranet modems were installed in all households of the learners and teachers. Other devices such as smart TVs and WIFI connection, were recently provided to all public schools in San Juan City.

Kabayanan Elementary School also had partnership with external stakeholders. The Imagine-Able: An Interactive Program for Autism by the Rotarian which included Oppo Cellphone, VR box, and V-remote, helped our Special Education learners to clearly visualize and understand the lessons since they could feel that they are in real scenario.

Our School Library is one of the most important facility in our school as it serves a source of knowledge, learning and enjoyment among the learner. It is now well-ventilated and well-lighted to encourage conducive learning. Whenever we are scheduled to visit our library, we encourage our pupils to do the story telling together with our stakeholders and do some reading recitals to enhance the engagement of the pupils and cultivate love of reading. We are also utilizing the applications that Mr. Anthony James H. Vizmanos, PDO II, installed in our tablets at the library. The clever integration of games has demonstrated higher engagement and increased motivation towards learning especially among younger students. Since studies have shown that children extensively use their senses to learn, making learning fun and effective through use of technology is crucial. We also have reading corners in our classroom that encourage our pupils to read during their free time. As Dr. Seuss quotes says, “The more that you read, the more things you will know, the more that you learn, the more places you’ll go”.

We also have our Library Hub on the second floor in our Rodriguez 1 Building (old building), which caters our Kindergarten to Grade 3 pupils. Just recently, we added a virtual library to our website where the collected teacher-made supplementary materials like short stories, poems, modules, video lessons developed by the teachers, articles, and poems written by the pupils and also our purchased e-books used as reference and source of entertainment, can be accessed online. This is an advantage for the pupils since they can access whenever they want and wherever they are as long as internet connectivity is available.

The pandemic is not yet over but it did not hinder our learners’ eagerness to learn. Developing the hybrid learning is a challenging task to do but the teaching force of Kabayanan Elementary School goes hand in hand to cater to the needs of the learners holistically. The adoption of online learning will continue to persist in the post-pandemic era since we are embracing the modernization in teaching that gives immediate solution in case of unfortunate events that might require remote instruction again in the future.

Article Written by:

Vanessa A. Legaspi

Kabayanan Elementary School - Teacher III


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