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Juansci highlights reading in various ways during the Reading Month 2023 Culmination

To culminate the celebration of National Reading Month (NRM), San Juan City Science High School Book Lovers Club officers and members, together with their Adviser, Ms. Joan Lenz G. Llanto, spearheaded the Drop Everything And Read (D.E.A.R), as well as various activities in reading for each grade level which aimed to highlight the importance of reading alongside teaching the English learning competencies. Ms. Joan Lenz Llanto, Ms. Corazon G. Ocampo, Ms. Fran Cathleen P. Castillo, and Mr. Patrick V. Orpilla facilitated the activities in their respective grade-level classes.

Every year, the Department of Education (DepEd) encourages schools across the Philippines to celebrate Reading Month in November. DEAR is one of the main activities that DepEd advocates as it emphasizes the importance of reading and creates an environment for students to appreciate the benefits of random reading fostering greater impact in their reading capabilities and comprehension.

On November 22, the prelude to the culminating activity was initiated by the passionate members of the Book Lovers Club leading the way. They embarked on a journey into the world of books, inviting students to explore the vast expanse of reading materials. At 3:00 in the afternoon, the hustle and bustle of classes for Grade 8-10 came to a serene pause. Each student took a brief break from the demands of school life to select books from the shelves situated in every corner of the building. Meanwhile, Grade 7 students remained in the cozy confines of their classroom, where they had their own dedicated bookshelf.

During this time, students from their respective classes simultaneously immersed themselves in the pleasure of reading for 30 minutes. It was a moment of quietude marked only by the melodious sound of pages being flipped—a quiet rhythm that gave music to every ear.

The Book Lovers Club (BLC), led by its adviser, Ms. Llanto, alongside club officers and members, showcased additional reading activities to spark zest to the celebration. Every grade level was set to participate in this event and the following activities have been organized as part of the celebration facilitated by the dedicated English Teachers of San Juan City Science High School.

For the Grade 7 learners, Ms. Llanto assigned a reading activity that focused on investigating a Historical account with the topics drawn from Araling Panlipunan’s subject. The "Reading and Researching a Historical Investigation” activity aligned with their English lesson on “Primary and Secondary Source of Information,”  students were given a significant amount of time inside the library to search for adequate resources related to their chosen topic.

 The Historical Investigation project was a thorough reading activity designed to enhance students' skills in reading and researching using both primary and secondary sources of information. The students critically analyzed and evaluated the reliability of these sources, creating an annotated bibliography.

Meanwhile, The Grade 8 students, highlighted reading with sympathy and empathy. The Read and Reflect was an activity that involved students reading a short story and writing a reflection with guided structures where the piece was flashed on the screen so that the students could read altogether silently. This activity focused on elements of the story, and captured feelings ignited when placing themselves in the character’s shoe.

Celebrated as one of the most cherished traditional folktales in Japanese culture, students took a moment to honor and empathize with the endeavors of those who paved the way before their generation. Paying tribute to the timeless narrative of 'The Aged Mother' by Basho Matsuo, Mrs. Ocampo, the Grade 8 English teacher, encouraged her students to immerse themselves in the experiences of its central characters. She urged them to use these stories as mirrors, reflecting on their own past situations whether they evoked feelings of remorse or joy.

The Grade 9 students, on the other hand, showcased their Choral Reading to spotlight the poetry 'The Sea' by Khalil Gibran. Reading this poem had a unique ability to evoke emotions and resonate with readers on a deep, personal level. Ms. Castillo, the Grade 9 English teacher, encouraged her students to read this poem with feelings and emotions, ensuring that their voices resonated with their spiritual journey as Gibran imbued into his own endeavors.

The higher level, Grade 10 students, presented the importance of reading and understanding an argumentative essay. Reading Argumentative Essays exposed readers to a variety of perspectives on a given topic. This exposure fostered a deeper understanding of diverse viewpoints, promoting tolerance, empathy, and a well-rounded awareness of complex issues. Mr. Orpilla, their English teacher, exposed his students to various persuasive techniques. Reading argumentative essays, which were written by the Grade 10 students themselves, served as a tone of confidence and purposeful rehearsal for globally competitive readers.

San Juan City Science High School’s Reading Month celebration highlighted the diverse importance of reading through activities that were tailored fit for Junior High School students. These activities were carefully crafted by the English teachers by aligning them with specific learning competencies. With the dedicated efforts of the Book Lovers Club providing assistance, the celebration became a memorable feast. As students immersed themselves in the literary world, they not only celebrated the joy of reading but it also helped them improve their reading skills, fostering compassion with the wisdom and knowledge it gives and preparing them for global competitiveness.

Article Written by:

Joan Lenz Llanto - Teacher I

San Juan City Science High School


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