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The previous May 2022 election has been very competitive with respect to social media and other platform. Almost all Filipinos had their voice and wanted to be heard for they advocate change and good or better governance. The result was a historical event for the winning presidential and vice presidential candidates Bongbong Marcos and Sarah Duterte for they were able to muster an overwhelming majority votes coming from the Filipino people. Principled with the spirit of unity, their team had been successful in giving the message of hope and development amid our health situation.

But after the proclamation, what had been interesting was the nomination and acceptance of Vice President-elect Inday Sarah Duterte to become the DepEd Secretary. The social media was once again bustling with democratic speeches and opinions from different people and personalities thinking of what she could do or contribute to the development or betterment of Philippine education. Another interesting topic in the social media was the idea that the Vice President-elect, just like her dad who increased the salaries of uniformed personnel, will also increase the salaries and wages of teachers. It is a sound bite but delivers a strong voice and message to the DepEd community. Thus, many are excited, encouraged, and motivated to do their best in the teaching profession, believing that her appointment in the cabinet will have a great impact to the economic lives of all public school teachers. These, however, is not the primary goal of the incoming DepEd Secretary because she will look into not only the benefits of the teachers but also the welfare of the students and our country. It is a triangular objective and it must go side-by-side upward toward better educational system and countrywide development.

With the advancement of technology, teacher like me should have the courage and persistence to change for the better. It should be inculcated that we need to adapt to the changes of our times by using new technologies, innovative techniques, and other modern style of teaching so as to become relevant. Nowadays, internet activities have invaded our world and our life is less without connection. Consequently, we must upgrade ourselves and protect our mental health so that we can deliver the best education for our students and it is the best thing to do to reciprocate the benefits and good salaries we receive from the government. As one political figure says: History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of our students.

Article Written by:

Angelo Stephen D. Josue

Teacher II

San Juan Elementary School


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