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Fostering Environmental Responsibility: San Juan City Science High School's Tree Planting Success

In accordance with DepEd Memo No. 069, s. 2023, which is also known as Guidelines on the Implementation of the Project - "DepEd's 236,000 Trees - A Christmas Gift for the Children", San Juan City Science High School has participated in this nationwide tree planting activity. In a harmonious effort to give back to nature and foster environmental awareness, under the esteemed leadership of the School Head, Dr. Jonas Feliciano C. Domingo, YES-O, SSLG, Cyberwhiz Club, BSP and GSP, together with dedicated teaching and non-teaching personnel, this initiative promoted a sense of responsibility and care for the planet, setting roots for a greener future.

Before planting, a program was conducted with greetings and brief orientation on the significance of tree planting headed by the OIC In-charge Mr. Christian A. de Guzman. He stressed in his opening remarks that the collective efforts showcased a holistic approach to education, emphasizing not only academic excellence but also a deep-rooted commitment to environmental responsibility.

Also, this initiative provided a rich learning experience for students. It bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, reinforcing classroom teachings about the crucial role of trees in ecological balance. It was a hands-on lesson that left an indelible mark on the students' understanding of environmental issues, fostering a sense of stewardship and a profound respect for nature.

The accomplishments achieved through this tree planting activity set a high standard for future endeavors at San Juan City Science High School. It established a foundation for ongoing community engagement, laying the groundwork for sustained efforts towards environmental conservation.

Mr. Anthony James H. Vizmanos, Project Development Officer II, SDO San Juan City, gave his closing remarks to the participants to make the world a greener, healthier, and more sustainable place through the simple act of planting trees.

Together, San Juan City Science High School's community has set a remarkable example of how unity and purpose can drive positive change for a better world.

Article Written by:

Christian A. de Guzman - Teacher II

San Juan City Science High School


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