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"Empowering Minds: MTAP Unleashes the Mathematical Brilliance in WCESian Pupils

In the swiftly advancing world, the significance of a robust foundation in mathematics cannot be overstated. Acknowledging this, the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative, famously known as the MTAP Saturday Program. Geared towards nurturing excellence in mathematics among Filipino students, this program has played a pivotal role in sculpting young minds and instilling a profound passion for the subject.

The core objective of the MTAP Saturday Program is to enrich students' problem-solving abilities and critical thinking skills. This goal is achieved through a dynamic mix of lectures, workshops, and hands-on activities. Accomplished mathematics teachers and professionals serve as mentors, guiding students through diverse mathematical concepts and challenging problem-solving exercises.

 In a monumental moment etched in the histories of West Crame Elementary School (WCES), the doors swung open, revealing a new chapter in its history as a distinguished Center for the Mathematics Teachers Association of the Philippines (MTAP) in the Division of San Juan. The air filled with anticipation as 154 bright pupils from grades one to six eagerly stepped forward, ready to embark on a journey that would reshape their understanding of the magical world of mathematics. The program, unfolding like a captivating symphony, commenced with an enthralling opening ceremony on October 21, 2023. Mrs. Ma. Hernanda R. Santos, Principal IV, graced the stage with her presence and commanding attention. Like a maestro conducting a masterpiece, she expressed her astonishment at the overwhelming number of enrolled learners, their sheer enthusiasm evident in their eager eyes and infectious energy. But the journey was just beginning. As the spotlight shifted, a team of trainers emerged, handpicked for each grade level, each one a luminary. In Grade 1, Mrs. Veronica D. Dungogin stepped forward, a beacon of knowledge and patience. Grade 2 found solace in the capable hands of Ms. Charish B. Salazar, a guardian of growth and intellectual curiosity. As the journey progressed, Grade 3 was embraced by the dynamic duo of Mrs. May Ann D. Foronda and Mrs. Roqueta C. Mirasol, their synchronized expertise laying the foundation for profound understanding. Grade 4 welcomed Mr. Lexter M. De Belen, a mentor whose wisdom would unlock the doors to greater mathematical realms. In Grade 5, the students found inspiration in the presence of Mr. Kevin H. Gabaldon, a visionary who would guide them toward the summit of academic excellence. Finally, Grade 6 stood tall under the watchful eye of Mr. Miguelito R. Macalanda, SPTA president, a steadfast leader who would navigate the way to triumph. The stage was set, and the journey promised to be nothing short of extraordinary. But the team of trainers was not alone in their quest for mathematical brilliance. The program was graced by the presence of Ma'am Helen S. Acedo, EPS in Mathematics, radiating an aura of wisdom and guidance. Her expertise ensured that the path towards excellence would be seamless and that every pupil would have the opportunity to unfold their mathematical potential.

Participating in the MTAP Saturday Program bestows numerous advantages upon our young WCESians. Primarily, it allows them to delve deeper into mathematical concepts, fostering problem-solving strategies that extend beyond the confines of regular classroom lessons. Through interactive activities and collaborative learning, pupils enhance their analytical skills, logical reasoning, and creativity.

On December 01, 2023, the program concluded with the final session. Certificates of participation were awarded to all participants, and the top three outstanding participants in each grade level were honored with medals and certificates, alongside their proud parents. Certificates of recognition were also presented to the exceptional trainers, acknowledging their generous dedication of time and talent to educate WCES pupils.

The MTAP Saturday Program stands as a beacon of inspiration for young WCESians aspiring to excel in mathematics. By providing a nurturing and challenging environment, the program equips young minds with the tools and confidence to tackle intricate mathematical problems. The impact of this initiative transcends mere academic success, instilling a genuine love for the subject and fostering critical thinking skills that will serve students well throughout their lives.

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Teacher I- West Crame Elementary School


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